Marketing &design creation

Here are the easiest tools to use to make open house flyers, business card design, and all things to brand yourself and look damn good doing it. 





From twitter posts and real estate listings to YouTube thumbnails and LinkedIn blogs, Canva is the go-to place to create literally any kind of design with pre-filled and customized dimensions. Upload your stock photos and FMR logos on your account for easy access.

*Pro Tip: When texting listing agents to find out the status of their home, send them your business card (made on Canva) with your text inquiry. You'll stand out from the crowd and get them to remember you. 


Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one of the best programs to use when you want to make a quick design to add to social media. Although not as customizable as Canva, it offers an easy way to create a post without putting too much effort into it. 



Perfect for high resolution photos, royalty free for all of your marketing needs. You can upload all of your pictures on Canva to use as the background as well. 



This website has a more diverse collection of high-res stock photos to use in your marketing. 



You won't find a better deal on business cards than with vista print. You can always find promo codes when you order business cards so search google for an updated one before you buy!




Professional photo editor from Google. This baby packs a punch. Snapseed is the best tool for DIY listing photos.