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        The Follow Me Show       


As Follow Me Realtors, the purpose of finding your niche is explained with The Follow Me Show. The following episodes have been designed to give you a deeper understanding of real estate from an entrepreneur and mindset perspective.  

From niche marketing, listing presentations, cold calling, client acquisition, time expansion, massive action. We break the ambiguity of social hierarchy of traditional brokerages, giving you the tricks, tips, do's and don't to survive in the cut-through world of real estate.   

Each podcast is accompanied with a YouTube video, SoundCloud file and a blog. Click on the title of the episode to keep reading, or use the search tool below to find a specific topic you are looking for. 


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Ep 11 - How to DOMINATE Cold Calling

We use the phone to contact perfect strangers and ask if we can sell their home, then in 60 seconds explain how we are the best person to market their home to potential buyers. There are key factors that aid you before you sit down for your first phone call.

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Ep 10 - First Contact to Close, Part 2 - Listings and Sellers

Sellers and Listings, What to Expect. In this episode we give our take on what to expect when listing a home with a referred client. Everything from your listing presentation, CMA, listing agreements, and marketing a home better than any other agent will in your market. 

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Ep 9: Real Estate Transactions, First Contact to Close  - Part 1

From prospecting, showing homes, writing offers, home inspections, appraisals and the closing table, the we are going into the process of a real estate transaction as a buyer's agent on episode 9 of The Follow Me Show: First Contact- Close, Part 1. In this episode we use a Zillow lead as the "first contact" example. 

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Ep 8- Ten Commandments Of A REALTOR

Although most people have a small understanding of what REALTORS do for a living, the public facing perception can be vastly different when you get into the business. In Episode 8 of The Follow Me Show: "Ten Commandments of a Realtor", we lay out the law in 10 hard fast "Do's" and "Don'ts" to carry with you in your REALTOR journey. 

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Ep 7 : How to Create Wealth as a REALTOR

Creating wealth as a Realtor begins with complete transformation of your goals, your perception, and your surroundings. We analyze the current outdated practices and beliefs of money and success that may hinder your progress, and useful mindset tricks you need to rise above all of the noise.

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Ep 6: Four Reasons to FIRE Your Real Estate Broker

There are a million things to know as a new real estate agent. Start with knowing which real estate brokers will help you, or hinder your success. Here we discuss four reasons to fire your current real estate broker and kick their ass to the curb..

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Ep 5: How to Profile your Buyers

In this episode we talk about the common types of buyers you will meet as a residential real estate agent. From financing types to contract-to-close procedures, home buyers all have various expectations of what role you will play in securing their home or investment property...

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Ep 4 - Social Media, REALTOR Niche Marketing Strategy

Implementing a serious niche marketing strategy in real estate is crucial for your credibility and celebrity. We break down what role your online presence will play in the industry with both prospective clients and other real estate professionals...

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Ep 3 - How to Negotiate the Offer as a Buyer's Agent: Part 2

Learn how to negotiate the offer for your client as a buyer's agent after the home is under contract, from the inspection to the appraisal. 
We give real world experiences with previous deals and hard lessons learned along the way.

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Ep 2 - How to Negotiate the Offer as a Buyer's Agent: Part 1

As a buyer's agent, getting the client is half the battle. The other half of the time you're playing match maker, and wooing the other cooperating REALTOR..

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Ep 1 -What REALTORS Can Learn from Coca-Cola

Entrepreneurship takes a certain no holds barred attitude that never ends. There is no definite point of “arrival” where resting on our laurels is the next logical step. Coca-cola has been attacking their niche for over 100 years and constantly expands their reach to the general populous. 

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