The Listing Process

This is a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a new listing and submit for review:

  • Creating a loop for a new listing

  • Create a CMA

  • Seller Net Sheet

  • The Listing Presentation

  • Create a listing agreement

  • Compliance Steps

Pre- Listing Prep

1. Create a CMA

Submitting an offer requires advising on the right offer price to submit. Creating a CMA will allow your buyers to understand the if the home was properly priced, and give them the information to make an offer on the home.

Watch the video seen here for a step-by-step on how to create a CMA in the MLS. This applies to Miami, Orlando, and Tampa MLS.

2. Seller Net Sheet

1. Create a Seller Net Sheet to give your seller an estimate on their closing costs

2 Find out your client's payoff amount for a more accurate breakdown on how much they'll walkaway with on closing day 

3 You can create a seller net sheet, or have your preferred title company create one for you.

4. Click the image to use First American's Seller Net Sheet Calculator

3. Create a loop

1. Create a new Loop in Dotloop

2. Send the document "Steps to Purchasing a Home" to your buyer to know what to expect during the transaction, found in each purchase template (also seen below).

3. Once your buyer(s) would like to submit an offer on a listing, time to do some digging with a CMA and researching the MLS


4.  Listing Paperwork


Video coming soon!

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The Listing presentation


1. The Presentation

Your listing appointment is the time to gain your potential sellers' trust. Once you establish a rapport with your clients, show them how you intend to market and sell their home with simple and effective supplements, such as the ones found here. 

Download PDF

How to Sell your Home.png
How to Sell your Home (1).png
How to Sell your Home (2).png

Listing Compliance

2. Submit for review/Add to MLS

1. Once the terms have been finalized with your new seller and you have a signed listing agreement, submit the listing paperwork for review in Dotloop (seen to the right)

2. Once approved, add the listing to the MLS.

Things to Remember! 

MLS Orientation must be completed prior to having access to creating a new listing.

You have 48 hours from the date a signed listing agreement to make it listing active on the MLS.

MFRMLS Members: You must include the MLS Data Entry sheet with every listing found here: MFRMLS Data Entry Form

Note: Refer to #trainingcontracts and #trainingscompliance for video instructions on the offer and contract process

3. Notify of Active listing  

1. You will receive an email notification to confirm receipt.

2. The compliance team will notify you via Slack or by email of any additional information needed.

3. Additional questions can be sent to

Note: Refer to #trainingcontracts and #trainingscompliance for video instructions on the offer and contract process


4. Submit Notification of a New Contract

- Notify the compliance team of a new fully executed contract by going to

- You will receive an email notification to confirm receipt. The compliance team will notify you of any additional information needed.

- Email for any questions during the contract

Note: It is not required to submit a contract in the offer in process for review until the offer is accepted an signed by all parties


Additional resources


 Podcast: The Listing Process


This episode will give you additional insight on the negotiations and marketing aspect of listing a home

One of the most important factors in submitting an offer to purchase a home is understanding what type of leverage your clients have. Knowing the market trends mixed with the purchase power of the buyers will determine the methods you will use to get the home sold. Listen to the following podcast for tips on how to negotiate in a seller's market, as well as a buyer's market.