Orlando REALTORS! The Next time You Cold Call... use this!

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Are your potential sellers worried about listing in February?

 Orlando Housing Market Snapshot Comparison: January 2016-January 2017

Show them how strong our market is right now with ORRA's phenomenal market snapshot. Tools like this can put your clients at ease, and get them off the fence to sell. 


Orlando home sales increase 2% as median price jumps 11% in January

"The Orlando housing market experienced increases in both median price and sales in January, while the pool of homes available for purchase shrank by 21 percent in comparison to January of last year." From the Orlando Regional REALTOR Association.

Long story short, prices are up, inventory is down. Sellers are at an advantage now more than ever, and you can use this to YOUR benefit the next time you cold call. From property dynamics to housing trends, ALWAYS provide value. The more you do, the more trust you build with your community and become their go-to REALTOR. 


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