Episode 8

Ten Commandments

of a Realtor


There are many things to remember when you begin a career as a real estate agent. Some are obvious, but you'd be surprised just how many new agents break the unspoken code of conduct and kill their career faster than a cash transaction takes to close. 

Although most people have a small understanding of what REALTORS do for a living, the public facing perception can be vastly different when you get into the business. In Episode 8 of The Follow Me Show: "Ten Commandments of a Realtor", we lay out the law in 10 hard fast "Do's" and "Don'ts" to carry with you in your REALTOR journey.

Here are your Ten Commandments of a REALTOR to save you from the embarrassment of doing or saying something you will later regret!


1. Thou shalt get massive amounts of attention. If someone Googles you, will they find you?  Reach as many people on this planet, from cold calling to networking. Make sure everyone knows who you are, and how you can serve them with your real estate knowledge. a

2. Thou shalt take massive action. Show homes, knock on doors, talk to your neighbors, talk to your sellers' neighbors, follow up every day. And above all, be in the know in your market!

3. Thou shalt invest. Invest in yourself, your marketing, your clothes, everything. Remember: as a REALTOR, taking time for yourself is taking the time to hone your craft, educate yourself in the market, and marketing to your prospects.  Everything you do to maintain yourself and your business is for current and even future payoff with closings.  

4. Thou shalt know when to refer! The misconception in real estate is that you must work with everyone, renters, buyers, and sellers alike, who want to work with you. If they're out of your comfort zone, farming area, price point, you're not doing them or yourself any favors by working with clients you may not be best suited for, and vice versa. Have standards for your business, build your agent network, and know when to refer to the best agent suited for said clientele. 

5. Thou shalt not speak of politics. No client needs to know your party affiliation to maintain a fiduciary duty to them during a transaction. Leave all negative talk, regardless of how right you think you may be, at the door. 

6. Thou shalt not speak of religion: just like with politics, selling homes doesn't require your personal opinion on anyone's belief system. Network in your mosque or church; these are great places to gain trust within your own community. 

7. Thou shalt not speak of drugs. Just like with any public figure, you are now being watched by your existing and potential clients, as well as your peers in real estate. So go check your Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. We are watching 

8. Thou shalt respect thy realtor partners. The majority of agents you work with on transactions you work with again, and you may be on the other side of the offer side wanting to submit for your buyers. Be professional, think before your speak, and smile! :)

9. Thou shalt constantly acquire more buyers and sellers. Don't become complacent just because you have a back-to-back closings. Make sure you keep acquiring with your action and your presence in the industry, even on holidays. The best thing is, you can automate many parts of your massive action plan.  

10. Thou shalt do whatever will increase and maintain your sales goals. Okay, so maybe there are 9 commandments. Bottom line is:  prospecting for clients doesn't begin with the phone call, or end at the closing table. Make sure everyone sees you and hears you often, for the right reasons, hears you talking about your niche and community, and see you smiling!