Episode 4: How Social Media Creates Credibility

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Implementing a serious niche marketing strategy in real estate is crucial for your credibility and celebrity.

In episode 4 of The Follow Me Show: How Social Media Helps Real Estate Agents' Credibility", we break down what role your online presence will play in the industry with both prospective clients and other real estate professionals,

and how to rethink the purpose and implementation of open house event, listings, and cold calling. 




Key Points of the show

Celebrity and credibility make for a powerful combination to incorporate in your Niche Branding strategy. 

Social Realtors that know how to create their own celebrity have a HUGE advantage during the client acquisition, or "courting" process. Cold calling potential FSBOs and expireds is just plain easier when you are all over Google. 

 Social Media for realtors


Key Platforms to establish an online presence as a Realtor

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn
  • Zillow

  • Instagram

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