I don’t know what it is about this Culture and our obsession with superheroes. Maybe it’s because we all (most of us anyway) aspire to be like them. Maybe we see ourselves or at least our potential in our favorite web slinger or cocky billionaire. Or maybe it’s simply a subconscious manifestation of things to come. Scientist from all over the world are creating new realities with technology and biohacking, that someday may lead to us actually being super heros.

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Neville Goddard's Top Ten Soul-Stirring Quotes

Neville Goddard is a 20th Century Philosopher whose words of manifesting your reality will blow your mind.

Public speaker and author of more than 10 books, Goddard preached on the power of your own feelings and thoughts in a way that makes you reconsider any misguided judgement of outside the box beliefs.

Here are 10 of the most influential quotes ever produced by the words of Neville Goddard. 

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Tim Ferriss - top 10 inspiring Lifestyle Designs Quotes

Automation has never been sexier than with the New Rich Lifestyle coined by Timothy Ferriss in The Four hour Work Week.

Ferris made living a life easier for entrepreneurs and 9-5ers everywhere in the 21st Century with a few simple tricks, effectively increasing time in your day and getting back the best years of your life.

Here are the top ten quotes from this self-proclaimed Human Guinea Pig on entrepreneurship, life, and everything in between

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - Top Ten Best Advice Quotes

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend in his own right. From Mr.Olympia to world famous Hollywood star and California governor, no dream has been too high to be conquered by the this Austrian Dreamer.

What few people know about Arnold is that his uncanny ability to outmaneuver everyone around him and get what he wanted is attributed more to his mental power.

This took him farther than his bodybuilding abilities ever did. Here are the top ten Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes that will inspire you to dream big, and win. 

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