How to Entrepreneur like a BOSS

This is an excerpt from the book: Freedom, Mindset, Real Estate: How to Entrepreneur Like a Boss in a Fragmented Industry, by D'Andrea Pelletier.


In 1995, when the MLS Listings book were as thick as the Yellow Pages, and a listing status was updated weekly instead of by the minute, real estate agents were the source for market trends and interest rates for their clients. Becoming a licensed real estate professional meant prestige and credibility. Fast forward to 2017, Zillow, Google, and the HGTV have cut out the middle-man, allowing our potential clients to educate themselves on the market.

As a result, buyers and sellers are left asking, (and understandably so), “why do I need to pay this person to help me buy/sell a house?”

Having a real estate license by itself is worth very little, and bears no weight on the average home buyers perception of you and your value. Simply put, agents are a dime a dozen in their eyes, because consumers would like to believe that they understand the figures and bottom line, and can save money without you. And until they’re under contract, they have very little understanding of the many roles their agent plays between first contact, and the closing table.

With all of your real estate expertise, how can anyone buy from you if they don't know you?

From first-time home buyers to wannabe investors, all their "market knowledge" won’t get them a smooth transaction. You are still the agency of communication between home inspectors, lenders, the other party’s agent, title company, etc. Not only is the process incredibly time consuming, buyers and sellers are often too close to the end result to be objective. So majority of the real estate business still rests on your shoulders, and goes beyond showing a home, writing the contract, and listing agreements. This is what prospective clients don’t see, and the reason why ultimately, they will still seek a top notch professional to represent them. It begs the question though: why are some agents killing the game, while others are perceived as just another REALTOR® lost in the Zillow shuffle?

Even with a wealth of knowledge about real estate, how will anyone buy from you if they don't know you?


All too often, we as real estate professionals forget that we are entrepreneurs first. 

Round-the-clock, hard working, insane, all-around bad asses with skills so stealth, that your persistence to secure your client’s dream home looks like a miracle from God.  Success as an entrepreneur takes everything you’ve got, and average action with business cards and door knocking ain’t cutting it, ladies and gentlemen.

The key to your success in this industry is found by mastering entrepreneurship, and can be achieved through these three principles:

Foundation.   Mindset.   Real Estate.

As an entrepreneur, you can free your time, sharpen your mind and be the authority in the industry. Best of all, you won’t have to learn the hard way. In this book we will demonstrate how to implement principles taught by Billionaires and Top Performers of today and yesterday.

It’s time to embrace the gifts of today’s social influence, eliminate time killers, and completely UPGRADE your current mindset and daily routine. You can rise above the old era of real estate and entrepreneur like a BOSS who can create massive levels of success.

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What REALTORS Can Learn from Coca-Cola


~Drew K Pelletier, President of Follow Me Realty

In 1886, brewing in a brass kettle was a secret formula created in the idea of an Atlanta Pharmacist, Dr. John Pemberton. But it is a Little known fact, the inventor of this secret formula, known today as Coca-Cola, was not responsible for the success of the drink, rather by a man by the name of Asa Candler who understood massive action. Asa Candler aggressively campaigned the Coca-Cola brand immediately after acquiring the rights and the formula for Coca-Cola, with coupons for a free bottle in local newspapers, to billboards advertisements everywhere.

Coca-Cola became a brand that no one could ignore before long (read more about The Coca-Cola legacy). Since that time, the Coca-Cola brand is so thoroughly saturated in our minds, has become a household name, so much so that when we order soda it’s “can I get a Coke?”




The above example shows exactly why online presence is not only beneficial for all businesses these days, but necessary. Your brand must be found online to gain omnipresence. The audience that can be potentially reached with the aid of the internet and its many social outlets is in the hundreds of millions and beyond. The sky really is the limit ladies and gentleman; your success in getting in the minds of anyone depends on you and your own imagination, and your willingness to attack from every angle.


I’m talking about the air of DOMINATION that is necessary to creating a name that no one in your given industry can deny. Entrepreneurship takes a certain no holds barred attitude that never ends. There is no definite point of “arrival” where resting on our laurels is the next logical step. Coca-cola has been attacking their niche for over 100 years and constantly expands their reach to the general populous. Whether starting a new business or selling services your clients, adding more zeros in your bank account while giving your customers something of value requires the initial getting, and keeping of attention. This requires repeated acts over a series of days, weeks, and months that will naturally keep success in and all around you and your business.



This is a question for outdated data practices that can’t be measured the same as the 100 cold calls conversion that Old School Realtors are used to. You’re endeavoring to reach a HUGE audience, where your voice and your knowledge will be heard for more than a 30-day transaction. Real estate is an industry that may change over time, but will always remain as long as there are buildings, lots, and homes for sale. People move from Orlando to San Francisco, Spain to Ireland every single day. The only thing stopping you from getting these clients as your own is intense, loud, persistent action in every form possible. The FASTEST way to get right in front of potential clients is through relating yourself and your business to the endless channels of technology that expands in all directions every single day.




The roadblock that limits most real estate entrepreneurs with social media is the lack of knowledge on how to relate ourselves to every platform. From LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and Pinterest are useful for many different reasons, but ultimately they are all places to STAMP with your content. It’s not necessary to be concerned about overexposure. The objective is to get air time in the minds of everyone around the globe, so the faster you can spread your message to anyone and everyone, the faster you can weed out those who wouldn’t have bought from you anyway. Let them unsubscribe from your mailing list, unfollow you. And *gulp* give you a poor review on your blog! You have just successfully plucked out a non-customer, and still got some attention in the process.

Do you think Coca-Cola pinpointed who they wanted as customers one by one? Hell no; that takes too much time, and massive action is the only way to find your clientele and eliminate those who wouldn’t by from you simultaneously.

Be everywhere, at all times. Say yes to every opportunity that steers you in the way of your happiness. Trust me, you will find your purpose faster than ever from a massive action mindset. It is the fastest way to take you toward your goals, while eliminating the roadblocks that hinder your success. You have nothing to lose except in the pursuit of worldwide attention but the fear of anything that's held you back. 

The POWER of Online Presence

Originally published on LinkedIn in 2015

I had an opportunity to live stream the Orlando Zillow Summit from Meerkat to highlight the benefits of using Zillow as a Premier agent. Anyone considering investing in or who currently pays for Zillow lead generation will benefit from this greatly and use as a reinforcement of how to fully utilize Zillow's tools. (Click below to see footage of the summit.) 

Two years ago this feat would have been unheard of. Showing the world what you're seeing in real time? What a great time we live in! Livestreaming on Meerkat and Periscope (@TheOperaRealtor) have streamlined information for professionals and clients alike. As a opera-singing Realtor, these tools have been a phenomenal for open house events, singing performances, seminars and summits such as the one below.

If you'd like your own copy of these videos, sign up here Enjoy!

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