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the follow me show: episode 11


Cold Calling


One of the most feared things about real estate is picking up the phone to prospect, most commonly known as "cold calling". We have been paralyzed by the fear of what people might say that will cripple out pitch, break us down, and cower down with a tail between our legs. The most obvious question that few stop and ask is "why?" Let's deconstruct the simple practice of cold calling. Can we get past the piercing words of a perfect stranger that will inevitably fall in our way when we cold call? By dissecting the reason for the fear, together we will overcome an imaginary roadblock. 


What is cold calling? We use the phone to contact perfect strangers and ask if we can sell their home, then in 60 seconds explain how we are the best person to market their home to potential buyers. There are key factors that aid you before you sit down for your first phone call.


As a Realtor, most of your job is talking to as many people as possible in every day. This is made incredibly easy with online communication platforms, and more relevant than face-to-face interaction. When people meet you at that expo this weekend, or talk to you at the community farmer's market, or request a showing on Zillow and they see your face, they will Google your name. And they shouldn't have to search too far down the first page to find you. This controlled and branded perception they see online is what you will inculcate in your niche marketing strategy. 

There is a reason why it's required at Follow Me Realty to have a social media presence, while following the brokerage on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat. Not only that, social media must be used as a tool, not a distraction. The social media metrics for Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Zillow, if implemented and developed over time, is the most influential in gaining and audience, while having the opportunity to share quality content. 

So why does this matter when you're cold calling? Imagine two different scenarios:

1.  Scouring every website you can find for free expired and FSBO scripts, knowing that every other Realtor has done the same thing. Just think how that downward spiral of negative thoughts alone will prevent you from picking the phone up on that first call.

2. Calling Mr.Buyer, and say "just Google me, I will do for your listing what I've done for my own brand." How many other Realtors can say this? 

Numbers Game

One of the best times I've had with calling expired and For Sale By Owner prospects is when I timed myself to call as many numbers as possible  in 20 minutes. It completely eliminated wasted time. I didn't have a moment to stop and think "Will the seller like what I have to say?" I was on a time crunch, and was driven purely by results. This simple trick is referred to as Parkinson's Law: tasks will swell to the time allotted to complete. Meaning, if we give myself a day to call 100 potential sellers, we can easily take the whole day to get it done. However, if we say " I have one hour to call 100 prospects." I have no time to mess around; I need to act FAST. If you go into your cold calling time with this mindset and time crunch, you will absolutely see more results. 

Start at the top

Believe it or not, those who are selling homes at a higher price point are easier to talk with for a few reasons. 1. Most agents are terrified to call potential clients who are selling their luxury homes because they feel that they are working with an area outside of their expertise. This may be the case, if you didn't understand that the basic premise behind selling a home boils down to marketing and exposure. So the higher price points should never scare you., They want their home sold, and you have the chops to do it. 2. Because of this, no one else is calling them! Their phone isn't ringing off the hook as with a $200k home seller. 

Positive Affirmations

In Drew's article: "You're Good Enough to Cold Call", the mindset needed to exude confidence is explored and developed through visualization, goal planning, and affirmations. 

"Remember that everyone started from somewhere. Larry Bird was not Larry Bird before he became Larry Bird; the same thing goes for Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan & Magic Johnson. These people had to visualize, practice, visualize, practice; visualize & practice... over and over again until they became the people that they are today."

Here's a tip: you're not going to die from cold calling. No one can physically harm you when they hang up the phone on you. They cannot fire you if you're not their agent.  You have absolutely nothing to lose.


For a more in depth discussion listen to our podcast here. Enjoy!

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