The Follow Me Realty: Episode 7

how to create wealth as a realtor


Creating wealth as a Realtor begins with complete transformation of your goals, your perception, and your surroundings. We analyze the current outdated practices and beliefs of money and success that may hinder your progress, and useful mindset tricks you need to rise above all of the noise.


1. Perception: What's more important than Reality? Perceived Reality. The truth is humans in general make subconscious judgements go all in. Redesign your lifstyle or at least your percieved lifestyle. , Clothes, suite tie, car, you will get clients based on how you look. It is one of FMR's Golden Rules, Car what you drive,  


2. Omnipresence -- It's simple if they don't know you they can't buy from you. Is it possible for 


3. You have to give up alot to get alot. --Negative Family member, Bad Habits, Location, Comfortable lifestyle


4. Train your mind to become a top performer --. Affirmations, meditation, working out, Extreem Goals, 


5. Change your Relationship to money -- Guilt, dumb questions you ask yourself and answers you tell yourself


6. Be Ok with failing --- The road to success is failing. Be aware of morons, when you start failing alot you are close to success. On the other side of critizism and failure is on the otherside of succss. be comforatable with failining


7. Invest in yourself. --Zillow, Marketing, suites, new suites, dominate when you start to invest. It comes back around to mindset and your ability to raise money. Zillow is of great importance, invest in a transaction coordinator. Invest in an assistant.  You are your own business treat your business like a business. You are the entity no remax not ourself but you.






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