REALTORS: How to Entrepreneur like a BOSS.

This is an excerpt from the book: Freedom, Mindset, Real Estate: How to Entrepreneur Like a Boss in a Fragmented Industry, by D'Andrea Pelletier.

In 1995, when the MLS Listings book were as thick as the Yellow Pages, and a listing status was updated weekly instead of by the minute, real estate agents were the source for market trends and interest rates for their clients. Becoming a licensed real estate professional meant prestige and credibility. Fast forward to 2017, Zillow, Google, and the HGTV have cut out the middle-man, allowing our potential clients to educate themselves on the market.

As a result, buyers and sellers are left asking, (and understandably so), “why do I need to pay this person to help me buy/sell a house?”

Having a real estate license by itself is worth very little, and bears no weight on the average home buyers perception of you and your value. Simply put, agents are a dime a dozen in their eyes, because consumers would like to believe that they understand the figures and bottom line, and can save money without you. And until they’re under contract, they have very little understanding of the many roles their agent plays between first contact, and the closing table.

With all of your real estate expertise, how can anyone buy from you if they don't know you?

From first-time home buyers to wannabe investors, all their "market knowledge" won’t get them a smooth transaction. You are still the agency of communication between home inspectors, lenders, the other party’s agent, title company, etc. Not only is the process incredibly time consuming, buyers and sellers are often too close to the end result to be objective. So majority of the real estate business still rests on your shoulders, and goes beyond showing a home, writing the contract, and listing agreements. This is what prospective clients don’t see, and the reason why ultimately, they will still seek a top notch professional to represent them. It begs the question though: why are some agents killing the game, while others are perceived as just another REALTOR® lost in the Zillow shuffle?

Even with a wealth of knowledge about real estate, how will anyone buy from you if they don't know you?


follow me realty upgrade your game

All too often, we as real estate professionals forget that we are entrepreneurs first. 

Round-the-clock, hard working, insane, all-around bad asses with skills so stealth, that your persistence to secure your client’s dream home looks like a miracle from God.  Success as an entrepreneur takes everything you’ve got, and average action with business cards and door knocking ain’t cutting it, ladies and gentlemen.

The key to your success in this industry is found by mastering entrepreneurship, and can be achieved through these three principles:

Foundation.   Mindset.   Real Estate.

As an entrepreneur, you can establish your time, sharpen your mind and be the authority in the industry. Best of all, you won’t have to learn the hard way. In this book we will demonstrate how to implement principles taught by Billionaires and Top Performers of today and yesterday.

It’s time to embrace the gifts of today’s social influence, eliminate time killers, and completely UPGRADE your current mindset and daily routine. You can rise above the old era of real estate and entrepreneur like a BOSS who can create massive levels of success.

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You Are Good Enough to Cold Call

In my experience, cold calling has always been that obstacle, that road block, if you will, between me and a $6,000-20,000 pay day. The big question is: why is it a road block? Why don't more people do this? Why didn't I do this... knowing within a 100 calls I'm more than likely to get in front of at least 1 client? After meditating on this question and watching hours of Dan Pena, I concluded that the answer boils down to one thing: self esteem. 

Sales agents that exude self-confidence and self-esteem don't let a lot of things bother them. They don't mind being called an idiot, they don't mind criticism from fed up sellers. So the big question is, are you letting name calling and criticism stop you from picking up the phone? Are you scared to death that someone might criticize you, call you a name or make you feel inferior in any way? If the answer is yes, then you have self-esteem issues. But don't worry, you are not alone; I struggle with this daily. The good news that self-esteem can be taught. Here's how. 

Step 1: Visualize - visualize daily about the person you intend to become. Close your eyes and go into deep thought, go into every detail of the new fearless you. Think about your new style, the way you may walk, talk, dress and feel. 

Step 2: Affirmations - repeat out loud to yourself everyday the words that you need to hear to get you going. I tell myself continuously how amazing I am, and how much of a business bad ass I am. I also tell myself how much I love to cold call. I do these repeated affirmations anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes every day. 

Step 3: Write out your future - write out your future goals daily, ie: Where you're going to live, who you're going to help, how much money you're going to make, what suits your going to where, what car your going to drive. 

Remember that everyone started from somewhere. Larry Bird was not Larry Bird before he became Larry Bird; the same thing goes for Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan & Magic Johnson. These people had to visualize, practice;visualize, practice; visualize & practice... over and over again until they became the people that they are today. The same goes for all of you Realtors out there; it takes big-time thoughts & big-time actions to be the best in the game.

Sales are sales, ladies and gentlemen. From stocks and car sales, to real estate ... You need the courage, enthusiasm, and cojones to sell yourself.

Check out the video below from the infamous speech on cold calling. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jordan Belfort, a stock broker who amps up his sales team before taking Steve Madden public. 

We want YOU to know your value today as you get prepped and ready to hit the phones

Call a prospect today.

Brought to you by Follow Me Realty. FMR is an online subscription brokerage for entrepreneurs. We are 100% commission. 

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From Exam to Closing Table, Who Do You Follow?


Did you know that NAR reports 87% of all new agents fail after five years in the industry and only 13% make it? It's not surprising to any agent who's been bobbing and weaving for some time in the business. Going all in with REALTOR life seems damn near impossible when the bills still need to get paid, but working part-time at the bank still while holding weekend open houses is a juggling act in itself. Your broker is starting to question why it's taking so long to close a deal but provides nothing of value except for high-commission splits and a place to hang your license. Not to mention! Board dues, supra box fees, the gap between passing your state exam and your first closing seem wider than you expected when you got started.


real estate in orlando

In order to be great, you must follow the greats. Most agents have to go outside of their brokerage for the right education, motivation, and tools for success. But you shouldn't have to. That's why Follow Me Realty was created; we bridge that gap by helping new and struggling agents to succeed with a solid foundation.

Follow Me Realty is a brand new, 100% commission, 100% digital subscription based real estate brokerage with REALTOR board access to ORRA and Tampa Associations.Rather than a broker-employer structure, FMR cuts out the middle man and empowers agents to be the boss of their business. We are here to service agents as our clientswith access to:

- 100% commission

- no transaction fees

- One monthly subscription fee

- online platform, eliminating office politics 

-24/7 Snap support! (yep, we're on SnapChat)

 - no transaction fees or commission splits 

- Passive income referral program ($200 per agent referred, every month) 

- Customized marketing plan, including unparalleled social media & lead generation metrics

-PHENOMENAL interactive training platform, Follow Me University, coming soon! 

At FMR, we show you who to follow by emulating the habits of successful entrepreneurs from every industry. Before you give up on your potential, see the difference with Follow Me Realty. You don't need thousands of dollars to get your name out there and become a well-known real estate entrepreneur. You can be the authority in your niche even before your first closing.

Click here for our free ebook! 

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