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"Dan Lok, a.k.a. The King of High-Ticket Sales is a self-proclaimed “high-ticket” celebrity consultant. Creator of High-Ticket Millions Methodology™, and author of FU Money, Dan Lok teaches coaches and consultants from all industries how to increase their value and their bottom line with their services, even real estate sales professionals.



In 2017, NAR studies revealed that virtual brokers were the biggest threat to traditional brick and mortar companies, as physical office locations saw a steep decline in popularity. Real estate brokerages all over the world no longer need to operate with the brick and mortar structure in order for their agents to be successful.


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Tom Bilyeu you is The cofounder of Quest Nutrition, an amazing startup that was valued at over $1 billion. Tom is also the founder of the up-and-coming media company Impact Theory. Impact Theory’s main premise is to inspire people of this and future generations



Jammed packed with bite sized information that anyone can use, this book is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom. From practicality to spirituality this unique book is filled with habits, sales tactics and rituals all taught from taught from top performance individuals.


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To learn anything new you must first be exposed to it. This could be bad habits, good habits , algebra, or French. So if you are exposing yourself to highly successful people, you are simply learning the habits,


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If you had a chance to sit with the greatest minds and thinkers, those who have a influence on you and your everyday life, what would you say to them? And more importantly, what would they say to you?


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Work is a privilege - As a culture we constantly hear chatter of the general populous complaining about their jobs, their bosses, coworkers or lack of pay. We are filled was a society of people that don't necessarily like the work they do on a daily basis.


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Being a Realtor is so much more than meets the eye. Most people don't understand the sheer amount of work sales agents must do on a daily basis. 



Evangeline Lilly is quickly becoming one of the MCU’s all-star actresses. After being the main character in the hit movie Ant Man and The Wasp Evangeline Lilly is quickly seeing her stock rise.



Many high performers know the correlation between habits and success. The great Dan Pena once said, “Motivation gets you started, habits keep you going!” David Goggins said “Motivation is BS, it's what you continuously do all day that creates a man”


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What does Coke, Google, Mac Computers & Facebook all have in common? They Dominate Space! One of the biggest lies that you have been told as a Real-Estate agent is to stay small. 


What every realtor needs in their trunk


Did you know that keeping your trunk full will help you become a more effective and efficient Realtor? Being a Realtor in the modern era requires a lot of road time and a lot of field time. (Meaning you’re not gonna be in the office if you’re a top producer). 




Tech has evolved to be friendly to your real estate career in so many ways. From submitting an offer right at a home showing for your buyers, to using Instagram to showcase your new listing, the new Realtor tool bag consists of more than just a clipboard and pen.



Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend in his own right. From Mr.Olympia to world famous Hollywood star and California governor, no dream has been too high to be conquered by the this Austrian Dreamer.



Spoiler alert: The 10x Rule means aiming for a goal that’s 10 times higher than where you are now. Now you know the rule, but you should still pick up the book to discover how to identify your goals



Disclaimer: the rabbit hole goes deep; you won't be the same and it will change who you are and how you go about anything in life after today. But I would bet everything I have that if you do what I'm about to tell you, not only will you be incredibly rich, you will create opportunities you've only imagined possible.


Agent brokers branding

Finding a footing in a new industry is always scary, especially in an industry when there's no blueprint to tell you what to do, step-by-step, and when there are countless avenues to pursue. As      technology and social media progresses to have an influence on all forms of business, adapting to the evolution of real estate sales is more crucial than ever before.


3 mistakes that every realtor must avoid

I don’t know what it is about human nature and our obsession with complaining. Most of us go through life talking about what we don’t have, the girl we didn’t get, or how we got ripped off at some dealership. The truth is, if we all take a deep look at ourselves, we will see that we spend the majority of our time complaining and making excuses for our success, or lack of it.


Super Hero quotes of Wisdom for Realtors

I don’t know what it is about this Culture and our obsession with superheroes. Maybe it’s because we all (most of us anyway) aspire to be like them. Maybe we see ourselves or at least our potential in our favorite web slinger or cocky billionaire. Or maybe it’s simply a subconscious manifestation of things to come. Scientist from all over the world are creating new realities with technology and biohacking, that someday may lead to us actually being super heros.


Follow Me Realty Who Do You Follow

In order to be great, you must follow the greats. Most agents have to go outside of their brokerage for the right education, motivation, and tools for success. But you shouldn't have to. That's why Follow Me Realty was created; we bridge that gap by helping new and struggling agents to succeed with a solid foundation.


Gain confidence as a Realtor

When it comes to confidence there are 4 main areas that we need to focus on. With consistency over time these 4 new habits will turn you from an insecure gummy worm to James Bond. Simply follow the steps and see your confidence sore to new heights.


Your good enough to cold call. How to dominate cold calling.

Sales agents that exudes self-confidence and self-esteem don't let a lot of things bother them. They don't mind being called an idiot, they don't mind criticism from fed up sellers. So the big question is, are you letting name calling and criticism stop you from picking up the phone?


Tips & training for successful real estate entrepreneur

This is an excerpt from the book: Freedom, Mindset, Real Estate: How to Entrepreneur Like a Boss in a Fragmented IndustryIn 1995, when the MLS Listings book were as thick as the Yellow Pages, and a listing status was updated weekly instead of by the minute, real estate agents were the source for market trends and interest rates for their clients. 


The Four Hour Work Week For Realtors. Quotes to learn from Tim Ferriss.

Automation has never been sexier than with the New Rich Lifestyle coined by Timothy Ferriss in The Four hour Work Week.Ferris made living a life easier for entrepreneurs and 9-5ers everywhere in the 21st Century with a few simple tricks, effectively increasing time in your day and getting back the best years of your life.


Three Reasons to Fire Your Client! Knowing your value as a Realtor!

If you were to Google “How to Find the Right Realtor”, one of the first websites display an article titled 9 Red Flags to Watch for When Picking a Real Estate Agent. This is one of many articles found about which agents to avoid. But! What are the red flags that your working with a problem client? With this information in short supply, here are 3 tall-tell signs that it’s time to cut ties


What Realtors can learn for coca cola. Marketing for Realtors

In episode 8 of our blog: What Realtors Can Learn from Coca-Cola", we discuss how the worldwide popularity of Coca Cola is not just for the conglomerates, and how the same principles can help a Realtors mindset toward dominating the minds of prospective clients with massive branding with online presence. 


Follow Me Realty on Success and Failure.

AHHHH, the question that humanity has been asking since before the dawn of the Roman Empire. Why do so many of us fail in life? Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (no matter what era)? Why is it that the top 1% control about 99% of the money? WHY DO WE ULTIMATELY FAIL?


Massive Action Quotes for Follow Me Realty Realtors

Grant Cardone is best known for his methods in sales training with books like "the 10x rulebook" and "if you're not first, you're last"where his aggressive approach with a pearly white smile will disarm and motivate you all at once.


Follow Me Realty Think & Grow Realtor Rich. How to make money in Real Estate

Anyone who has been a real estate agent or in sales knows how easy it is to have a bad day. There are so many opportunities to be thrown off your game with one email from your lender saying the financing fell through... 


The 10x Metric For Entrepreneurs. How to 10x your results as a Realtor

As entrepreneurs we can’t be silent, people need to know about our product & why they should buy from us. So in-order to 10x our results, in-order to 10x our closing rates we need to show up in 3 main places... 


Neville Goddard on Real Estate Quotes

Neville Goddard is a 20th Century Philosopher whose words of manifesting your reality will blow your mind.

Public speaker and author of more than 10 books, Goddard preached on the power of your own feelings and thoughts in a way that makes you reconsider any misguided judgement of outside the box beliefs.

Here are 10 of the most influential quotes ever produced by the words of Neville Goddard. 


Why Every Agent Needs Zillow & Trulia. Follow Me Realty 100% Commission Review.

Since the birth of the real estate industry, the role of an agent begins with gaining the ATTENTION of the prospective client audience. And in the 21st century, while the industry has amassed over 100,000 licensed real estate sales professional, standing out from the crowd as a REALTOR® is actually easier today than ever before.


3 Reasons to Fire your CURRENT BROKER.

Traditional brick and mortar real estate firms fail to recognize their role in success of their agents, the broker's clients. YES! You are your broker's client, not their employee. Broken systems and ineffective management call for a new wave of entrepreneurship to shake up the world of real estate.


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