Time Saving Tips for Top Performers

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Being a Realtor is so much more than meets the eye. Most people don't understand the sheer amount of work sales agents must do on a daily basis.  From taking buyers out to negotiating offers and writing contracts, the amount of work on a daily basis adds up quickly. However, if you apply these 3 basic principles form the 4 hour work week, you will see your time and productivity increase 10 fold. Below are the three basic principles that will increase time and profitability.


1) 80/20 principle - this principle is about eliminating the fat and focusing on only what gets results. For example: 80% of results come from 20% of the effort. 80% of problems come from 20% of the people. 80% of anything is produced by 20% of something. By following this 80/20 principle we can then dissect the unnecessary time that is being wasted. Ask yourself where is 80% of my results coming from? Are they coming from Zillow, websites capture pages, or are they coming from referrals. Simply find out what produces the most and cut the rest. By doing this you are creating more time for yourself so you can duplicate and expand upon what already works



2) Parkinson's law - this principle is about using time wisely and not wasting it on unnecessary thinking or actions. Parkinson's law states that a task allotted a certain amount of time will swell to that allotted time. A great example of this is a school assignment. So many of us, myself included, are given 2-3 weeks to write a 500 to 2000 word essay. But we don't start working on it until about 48 hours before it's due, sound familiar?


If we are only given 48 hours to write the paper we would come up with the results. Use this principle to write contracts, make offers or cold call a 100 listings, the possibilities for productivity are truly endless when exercising this law.



 3) Outsourcing - this is a modern principle that is used to increase time dramatically so you can spend it doing things that matter. Having a personal assistants is no longer only for the rich. With global communication and the ability to cross currencies, the cost-per-hour to hire an assistant has gone down dramatically. You no longer need to check your emails, update your calendar, make appointments or do unnecessary research, that can now be left to your assistant. India has tons of a virtual assistant companies where you can literally hire on an assistant for $400.


The idea of these three principles is the same: increase time while maximizing output. An agent’s day can add up quickly, leaving you with no extra time to prospect or do what is needed to grow your business. Follow these three basic principles and watch your productivity and time increase tenfold. You can dive deeper and get more insights from the book itself, however these are the three major concepts to take away today and begin implementing.


3 Surprising Lessons from Grant Cardone

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In this article, we go into the mind of the 10X man himself, Grant Cardone, for his take on success, work ethic, and what it takes to achieve your goals.

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1) Work is a privilege -  As a culture we constantly hear chatter of the general populous complaining about their jobs, their bosses, coworkers or lack of pay. We are filled was a society of people that don't necessarily like the work they do on a daily basis. Grant Cardone teaches us that work is truly a privilege. According to Grant, you need to switch your mindset from “how little can I work?”  to “how much can I accomplish today?” And in his book The 10x rule, Grant goes into detail how the person that works and the person that gets their mind to work is the one that is successful.


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2) ATTENTION -  As real estate agent, the number one thing we need is attention. How is anyone going to buy from you if they don't know who you are? How are you going to promote yourself as a top-notch Realtor If you don't do any social media or ad campaigns? How are people going to sell their home using your services if you don't promote yourself on Zillow, Realtor.com, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook? You see, Grant Cardone has cracked a simple formula that many great companies use, and it's called OMNIPRESENCE. The more attention you get, the more money you will make. How many bad products do you know of that have sold millions? The shake weight may come to mind, or the “not sold in stores product”. They created attention to their brand while also creating scarcity. These two principles make for a powerful marketing combination



3) Massive Action -  massive amounts of action goes hand-in-hand with attention. How can you create massive amounts of attention without massive amounts of action? You can't. It takes a lot of self promotion all the time, taking sick levels of action. This includes tons of cold calls (maybe not from you maybe from your staff), tons of market promotion via social media, Craigslist, ad campaigns, email marketing etc. Massive amounts of action toward your goal, whether that's making $100,000 or that's becoming the most popular real estate agent in your city needs to happen in order for you to create massive amounts of success. And think about it, if you’re not going to promote you, who will?

For more on Grant and the 10x mindset, check out our article The 10X metric for Entrepreneurs here.


What Every Realtor needs in their Trunk.

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This 1 simple trick can help you become a more effective & Realtor in 2018

Did you know that keeping your trunk full will help you become a more effective and efficient Realtor? Being a Realtor in the modern era requires a lot of road time and a lot of field time. (Meaning you’re not gonna be in the office if you’re a top producer). Instead, you’re going to be out with clients looking at homes, taking inventory of what’s on the market, going to open houses to learn about new areas, shooting videos to promote your brand etc. So with that being said, your car needs to turn into an office of sorts. I’m not talking about living and sleeping in your car but what I am referring to is keeping a few basic things in your trunk that will maximize your output and help you stay in the field longer. Below is a list of simple items that needs to be with you at all times!

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Toilet Paper -   I can't tell you how many times I've taken my clients out to look at homes and we run into bathrooms with no toilet paper. Let me just tell you, it's not fun for anybody to stop the home search process just to use the bathroom. This has the potential to kill the momentum of the home search, resulting in unhappy clients. And when your clients are unhappy they’re not thinking about buying real estate, they’re thinking about everything that can go wrong with the deal. (*REMEMBER happy clients equals smooth transactions) Don't let this be you! Always carry toilet paper, you never know when you're going to need it!


CULTURE (7).jpg

Data Ipad / Tablet with apple pencil or android stylus. We live in 2018 and we should treat it as such . Don't get caught in the field without a Data iPad, I repeat, an ipad with a data plan  or top of the line data android tablet.  (On a personal note* I Prefer every realtor either have a iPad Pro With Apple Pencil or an Samsung Galaxy Tab s3).

Why a data tablet specifically you might ask? 2 reasons. What if you are out in the field and your buyer  wants you to put in an offer in immediately? Or what if you need to get a contract signed on the spot? Or what if you are working other deals and you need to send an Important email out in a timely  fashion so your other buyers can get the house of their dreams? I Can give you endless scenario where you may need a data tablet. I know a lot of your saying “well I have an iPhone” Listen, there's nothing more frustrating than looking in your phone and a tiny little screen and trying to get people to sign contracts. Get the proper tools for the proper job and never leave home without It .

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Trunk with Ice Water / Soda -  so I want you to imagine this. You are out with your clients on a nice hot Florida summer day. You're looking at open houses you're driving from home I'm doing the normal stuff you would do while courting your buyers.  You've been out for a few hours and your clients start to get really thirsty, but the open houses you go to don't have any water. Wouldn't it be much nicer if you could simply reach into your trunk and give them a nice ice cold drink? Remember: while courting your buyers, you want to always keep the mood right. Keep them happy, keep them feeling good. People buy a lot of times off of emotions, and if you're dehydrated and uncomfortable they will want to stop seeing homes. This could hinder an offer that was just right around the corner! Bottom line: keep them happy keep them hydrated.


First aid kit -  everyone gets sick or injured from time to time, especially living in the Florida Heat. Maybe they have sinuses, maybe have a headache, maybe they're have a little bit of a cold. Make sure you always carry with you a mini first aid kit, including aspirin and maybe some allergy medicine. Now I'm not telling you to be a doctor here, but everyone takes something for their symptoms from time to time. If you have this readily available, you may help your clients continue on in the home searching. As I explained, with the keeping water in your trunk is the same concept. You want them to have good vibes at all times. Don't let headaches, sinuses or minor scratches of their little ones prevent the outing.


This list could honestly be 20 long, but this is a great start. A Realtor’s trunk filled with basic necessities and creature comforts is just as important as their skillset.


How Habits Keep you going when motivation fades


Many high performers know the correlation between habits and success. The great Dan Pena once said, “Motivation gets you started, habits keep you going!” David Goggins said “Motivation is BS, it's what you continuously do all day that creates a man”

All the greats know that although motivation is good at times, habits is what keeps you going for the long run. As real estate professionals, habits will make us or break us, not motivation. You don't need someone to constantly motivate you. You don't need a new website or a CRM to stay relevant.  And you don't need anyone but yourself; you are as good as you choose your habits to be.


As Realtors, what can we learn from this simple mindshift? What more can you achieve if you take note of your habits today, adjust them where necessary, and implement new ones where need be? How good would your life be? I want you to think about that for a moment. If you replaced all your unproductive habits with good habits, what would your life look like? How many more calls would you get? How many more cold calls would you make? How many more houses would you sell? It looks pretty good right? Maybe now your life looks like a long vacation, once a year with your family, updated car constantly and a bigger house. In real estate you can make as much money as you want to, your life can truly be limitless.

You might be wondering “how do I even begin?” Begin to change your habits based off of this one principle: what gets measured gets managed. If habits can take you to your wildest dreams, then measuring your habits can take you to the practical sense of what you need to do to get there.  





Here's what I mean.When your goal is to get to 189 pounds at 6% body fat, what do you need to do? Track your workouts and your meals. Another example: let's say you wanted habits that will get you into the 2 comma club from your commissions, how would you do that?  You would immediately begin to track your hours in the day. Track what you do throughout the day, how much time do you spend doing it, and how much time are you wasting talking to people that aren't going to get you to your goal. Are you talking to the people that will get your goal?  How much money are you putting in marketing? All these things are very traceable and will help you to form the habits that you need to achieve your goal.

Begin tracking and measuring the habits you currently have to create new and improved habits from them. You don’t need to wake up and change every single thing you do; this will set you up for total failure. Track where you are, and start with one habit, and go from there. You will see a complete difference in your life.


5 DIY Must-Haves to sell Your Listing


Tech has evolved to be friendly to your real estate career in so many ways. From submitting an offer right at a home showing for your buyers, to using Instagram to showcase your new listing, the new Realtor tool bag consists of more than just a clipboard and pen.

Although hiring a professional real estate photographer or videographer is a time saver and recommended for novice agents, some sales agents like to get hands in the clay and be a one-stop-shop listing agent. If this resonates with your style, keep reading. Here are 5 ways DIY secrets to sell your listing.


1) Modern Iphone or Android 📱 Did you know you can do anything on a modern phone. You can build websites, create blogs, shoot 4K videos, buffer post Kama Market, virtually everything you want to do technology-wise can be done on a modern phone. so if you are a realtor that likes to do everything on your own and you're not necessarily the type of guy that likes to carry a whole bunch of equipment look no further than your phone. Your phone has the ability to sell your home as long as you use it properly. So before you go out and purchase anything else make sure you purchase a top-of-the-line iPhone or Android phone.


2) Tripod & mount 📷 this goes without saying as a do-it-yourself realtor you need a tripod, or a smartphone mount.  When you're marketing yourself, whether that's taking selfies or taking pictures of a home on the outside and the inside, you will need a tripod for stabilization you can set the settings on the height, width, length, and have 90 degree access to your photos.  A tripod is very necessary in today's marketing look like a pro with the right angles.


3) Lighting 💡 -  have you ever looked on the MLS and you've seen what seems to be a beautiful house on the outside, only to swipe through the pictures of the inside of the home and the pictures look horrible? Who wants to buy a house that looks dark and dingy from the video Walkthrough? This is where lighting comes into play. Lighting is crucial to getting great pictures with your iPhone and great videos as well.

Once you've played with the lighting for a little bit, you will see it's not that hard to get good photos with proper lighting.  Amazon sells phenomenal umbrella lighting kits under $150, and comes with a few different options. You can learn how to use lighting properly from this video, check it out and make sure you get it for your next listing.


4) Lens 📷 -  the regular iPhone or Android camera can only take you so far. Have you ever noticed just how the lens of a professional camera can catch wide angle shots where your phone cannot? This is because of lens, and with modern day technology there is something for everything as it pertains to smartphones. This includes high quality lenses as well. With the right lens you can take the Right video to capture the right shot at the right moment the right angle virtually every time.  you can pick up a decent pair of high-quality lens from here. and you can learn how to use them here.


5) Stabilizer - the only difference between looking like an amateur and looking like a pro is the right tools.  Have you ever notice how shaky some real videos are on your typical iPhone? That's because you're not using a stabilizer. It's very difficult to make top-of-the-line videos for your house without getting a stabilizer, and it's almost unnerving to watch someone walking through a house and the video is bouncing up and down. You can avoid this and take smooth quality shots with a stabilizer. Check out how to use it here.



Start with these 5 DIY must-haves, and a willingness to be creative and you will be selling your listing in no time. I will repeat: your time may be with more than the money it takes to hire a professional. But depending on the price points you work with and the size if your real estate team, these 5 DIY secrets may benefit you more than hiring out for staging, and photo and video content for your listings.



EXPAND SALES & Dominate the Marketplace



Grant Cardone is one of the best sales trainers of all time. The self-made millionaire celebrity has produced  Millions upon Millions of revenue For His Clients . In one of his greatest Speeches of all time stop selling and start closing  Grant Cardone touches on these four key factors that will expand sales & dominate The Marketplace. one dominate your space, 2) obscurity Is Your biggest problem 3) never contract,  always advance, for never lower your price at value


1) Dominate your SPACE:

What does Coke, Google, Mac Computers & Facebook all have in common? They Dominate Space! One of the biggest lies that you have been told as a Real-Estate agent is to stay small. You don't need to advertise on facebook & zillow. You  don't need to do open houses they don't do anything for you! All wrong all lies. As a top performing real estate agent you need to be able to dominate your space. You need to be everywhere at all times!

This does 2 things, 1) It puts your competition on its heels, it's letting them know who is  the dominate figure is in the space. You don't want other agents & clients not to know you. You want them to see your face everywhere and for them to be reminded of who is the biggest and best in the space.George A Miller "the co-founder of cognitive psychology wrote a compelling highly cited paper "The Magical Number Seven". The article explained that people keep things in their short term memory up to 7 give or take a few. So if potential clients keep on seeing another brand and not yours what do you think will happen? They will go with the other agent, company etc. He who dominates the space owns the market


2) Obscurity is your biggest problem:

Design (1).png

in business money is in the problem, cancel client isn't a problem, not having your car is not your problem, your websites not your problem, your biggest problem as an agent that you will face is obscurity. if people don't know you how are they going to buy from you? If your clients or your potential clients rather don't know who Johnny Cash realtor is How are you going to make any money?. it's not your product it's not your niche it's not your location it's not your Market it's obscurity. People buy bad products all the time.  so people spend money on things that don't matter of course I'll spend money on things that matter. but your product needs to be everywhere so the marketplace can see you and recognize you as a leader in your space.


3)  Never Contract Always Advance:

Copy of Copy of CULTURE.png

When The Lemans collapsed in 2008, so did the economy. Fox News, CNN, friends family and everyone said “retreat! contract! Don’t spend money!” the ones that contracted are the ones that ultimately lost out. It was only the select few that continue to expand into the marketplace that were successful. Winston Churchill said never waste a good crisis. While so many Realtor we're retreating quitting and ultimately living the business there were a select few that expanded out into the natural space. When the space was saturated with Realtors that space needed to be filled back up so there was a select few that chose not to listen to everybody else and step into the space that people have left. When you get the opportunity to advance always do.


4) Never lower price add value.

Copy of Copy of CULTURE.jpg

Never lower your price, always add value. What I mean by this is don't be a discount real estate agent. Don't negotiate your commission simply to save a deal or keep a client. Instead of lowering your price and devaluing your services, simply add more value.  You can't get your prices any lower than that. You might as well just give your hard-earned money away. what happens when you lower your price as you devalue yourself and then you're not as motivated to help the client properly, you start taking shortcuts, cutting corners and ultimately making yourself look like a bad businessman. If someone wants you to lower your price  and they don't see the benefit of what you have to offer, fire them. They're not the ones that have to pay for the marketing, show the property, hold the open houses, and on and on. Never lower price, add value.



Remember that In business It's not having the best product. It's about having the most viable product. It's not about lowering your standards, it's about raising them. And it's not about doing what everyone else is doing, it's about doing the opposite. Take these 4 simple lessons and apple them to your real estate business today!


Nine inspiring quotes from Evangeline Lilly.



Evangeline Lilly is quickly becoming one of the MCU’s all-star actresses. After being the main character in the hit movie Ant Man and The Wasp Evangeline Lilly is quickly seeing her stock rise. The Canadian actress came from a humble beginnings. However she exceeded in everything she did, from successful mission trips in the Philippines to the star on the soccer field, Evangeline Lilly was destined for greatness.                                                                                                                                                         

Below are nine powerful quotes from Evangeline Lilly enjoy.

It’s not your circumstances that make or break your day. It's your attitude!
I started to do everything I could to succeed, but found that the more successful I became, the less people liked me.
If your home is peaceful, then you're going to go out in your day peacefully
In your 20's you can be pretty, but you don't accomplish real beauty until you find wisdom and depth.
The world is full of opportunities, and I want to try as many as I possibly can.
I definitely come down on the spiritual side I think very few things in life happen by chance.
A creative project is a moving target you never end up where you start.
I am an opportunist. Opportunities come, and I see them serving my gender goals in life, I take them.
Even if you’re unhappy, just pretend that you’re happy, eventually, your smile will be contagious to yourself. I had to learn that.I used to think I’m being fake but you know what? Better to be fake and happy then real and miserable.

Which “inspired you the most? Which “do you relate the most two and will take the most away from? Comment and let us know below.


3 Excuses Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

3 Excuses Every Entrepreneur Must Avoid

I don’t know what it is about human nature or our obsession with complaining. Most of us go through life talking about what we don’t have, the girl we didn’t get, how we got ripped off at some dealership etc. The truth is, if we all take a deep look at ourselves we will see that we spend the majority of out time complaining and making excuses for our success or lack of it.

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