The 10x Metric for Entrepreneurs

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Ok it’s like this, I’m not going to sugar coat it or tell you that it’s easy (although it can be) the truth of the matter is in order to gain traction of any kind one must 10x themselves in 3 places. As entrepreneurs we can’t be silent, people need to know about our product & why they should buy from us. So in-order to 10x our results, in-order to 10x our closing rates we need to show up in 3 main places. The main places are Social Media, Cold Calling & Follow up. With these 3  in mind, we can produce more and ultimately close more deals no matter what profession. 

1. Social Media - This is number 1 for a reason. Every entrepreneur, every Realtor and every sales agent needs to do more of this. Social media isn’t a post every now-and-again type of system. It’s a "be everywhere at all times" kind of system. Think omnipresence, if people see you everywhere all the time your brand will eventually (usually within 5-6 times of seeing you.) seep into the subconscious of others. BOOM! You have successfully put yourself or your company into the mind of others. You are literally occupying space in another's mind. Here is how you do that.

QUICK NOTE: My justifications for using these platforms are simple. Does it get you exposure? (b2b, b2c google, blog etc) and can it be done in a timely manner? (YES TO ALL ACCOUNTS)  

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-Instagram :  -3 picture posts a day, -3 story posts a day, -300 Follows a day, (If they don’t follow within 48 hrs, unfollow them) -200 likes a day & 10 comments a day

-Twitter: 12 post a day, - 300 follows a day (if they don’t follow back within 48 hrs unfollow them, same as instagram)

-LinkedIn - 100 likes per day, 100 connections per day, endorse 10 people per day, 10 comments per day.



2. Cold call. you must increase your presence with your customers via the phone. At the end of the day, it comes down to picking up the phone. It’s simple: make 100 calls a day and see if your life doesn’t change. Now, I know anything is possible but it is almost impossible not to succeed if you make 100 phone calls a day. Now let me be clear, if you are a Realtor, you call 100 expired listings a day, If you are a startup looking for a seed round you call 100 angels or vc’s a day.  Wherever your customers are you call.


3. Follow up - Let me start by throwing this stat out there. 80% of sales require five follow-up phone calls after the initial meeting. Let me repeat that just incase it didn't sync in. 80% of sales require five follow-up phone calls after the initial meeting. This is huge! After the initial contact with a prospective client (given you haven't’ closed the deal) you must follow up. Remember this works to your advantage, your competitors aren’t willing to follow up 5-6 times.  It’s just like Napoleon Hill said “The secret is always inseparably attached to one word, PERSISTENCE!”



Follow these 3 simple steps and watch your life transform!

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