3 Surprising Lessons from Grant Cardone

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In this article, we go into the mind of the 10X man himself, Grant Cardone, for his take on success, work ethic, and what it takes to achieve your goals.

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1) Work is a privilege -  As a culture we constantly hear chatter of the general populous complaining about their jobs, their bosses, coworkers or lack of pay. We are filled was a society of people that don't necessarily like the work they do on a daily basis. Grant Cardone teaches us that work is truly a privilege. According to Grant, you need to switch your mindset from “how little can I work?”  to “how much can I accomplish today?” And in his book The 10x rule, Grant goes into detail how the person that works and the person that gets their mind to work is the one that is successful.


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2) ATTENTION -  As real estate agent, the number one thing we need is attention. How is anyone going to buy from you if they don't know who you are? How are you going to promote yourself as a top-notch Realtor If you don't do any social media or ad campaigns? How are people going to sell their home using your services if you don't promote yourself on Zillow, Realtor.com, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook? You see, Grant Cardone has cracked a simple formula that many great companies use, and it's called OMNIPRESENCE. The more attention you get, the more money you will make. How many bad products do you know of that have sold millions? The shake weight may come to mind, or the “not sold in stores product”. They created attention to their brand while also creating scarcity. These two principles make for a powerful marketing combination



3) Massive Action -  massive amounts of action goes hand-in-hand with attention. How can you create massive amounts of attention without massive amounts of action? You can't. It takes a lot of self promotion all the time, taking sick levels of action. This includes tons of cold calls (maybe not from you maybe from your staff), tons of market promotion via social media, Craigslist, ad campaigns, email marketing etc. Massive amounts of action toward your goal, whether that's making $100,000 or that's becoming the most popular real estate agent in your city needs to happen in order for you to create massive amounts of success. And think about it, if you’re not going to promote you, who will?

For more on Grant and the 10x mindset, check out our article The 10X metric for Entrepreneurs here.

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