4 actionable steps to produce more confidence.

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We have all heard it over and over again. Confidence is king. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what hobby you’re doing, what girl you’re trying to pick up or what job you’re applying for. If there is one thing in life that we know is responsible for a-lot of success, it’s confidence.

But the million dollar or possibly 10 million dollar question still remains, how do I get more more of it. Well Scotty, I’m glad you asked. The answer to this is as simple, in-fact it’s as simple as making an NBA all-star team (that’s a joke). When it comes to confidence there are 4 main areas that we need to focus on. With consistency over time these 4 new habits will turn you from an insecure gummy worm to James Bond. Simply follow the steps and see your confidence sore to new heights.

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1. AFFIRMATIONS . - The mind is the most powerful asset you have. It has the ability to make you or break you, so we must treat it as such. If you are an insecure person chances are you’ve told yourself this over and over again either consciously or subconsciously. You’ve allowed the chatter of others to seep into your subconscious thus creating an insecure person. GOOD NEWS, we can reverse it and her’s how. In the same manner that you have become insecure is the same manner in which you will gain confidence, INFLUENCE THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. Get a piece of paper (you can also type it if you prefer) and write out the person you intend to become. Write down 10-15 lines of the new you, write down how much money you make, what you look like, what car you drive, how confident you are etc. NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART. Once you have defined the new you, you must READ IT OUT-LOUD immediately after waking up and just before going to bed. Don’t stop this process until you have either reached your goals or changed them for something better. By doing this day in and day out your SUBCONSCIOUS mind begins to pick up on it and you naturally transform into this new person.

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2. PHYSICALLY FITNESS - Much like the mind the body must also be trained. It’s kind of hard to be fully confident when your a 36 year old dude that looks like he’s  about to give birth. Now I’m not here to give specifics on training and what you should do but my advice on the subject matter is this. Pick something you love and DO IT 4 -5 times a week. If you are into weights lift them. If you are into running, run, if you are into martial arts, train. In-order to be fully confident our bodies must align with our minds. There is really no way around that. Even the most confident people will tell you, it wasn’t until they got their bodies right that  saw their full potential realized. So remember to train your body in the same manner you train your mind. Train often and train consistently. 


3. FORCED ACTION - There is a direct correlation between FEAR and SUCCESS. The more we run at our fears the more successful we become. The more we force ourselves to take action on the things we fear the more confident we become. After all it is the things we fear that play a big part in our insecurities. We don’t take action on them because we are terrified we may get hurt in one way or the other. When we don’t force our selves to take action on our fears we d value our ability as people this creating a bigger gap between insecurity and confidence. Once we begin to face our fears the insecurities melt away and the confidence begins to rise. We can read our affirmations, work-out and do all of these 3rd party activities, but the truth in the matter is, if you don’t take action, if you don’t run towards your fear, you will never gain any confidence worth speaking of. REMEMBER, NO ACTION, NO RESULTS! 

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4. CONTINUOUS PRACTICE  - Doesn’t the old saying go PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. That saying has been around a long time for a reason. Practice does make perfect. Practice teaches you to overcome your fears and doubts. Practice gives you confidence when you would otherwise feel  insecure. Practice can lead you to your greatest victories both in life and in business. So, whatever your goals may be, whatever vision you have of yourself in your mind, be sure to practice it daily. If your goal is to become a world class opera singer, sing everyday . If your goals is to play in the NBA, take a 1000 shots a day. If your goal is to  become a key note speaker, Practice public speaking. By the simple act of practicing, we melt away fear gaining tons of confidence in the process. 


These 4 steps to GREATER CONFIDENCE all go hand in hand. You won’t work out if your mind isn’t right. You won’t get your mind right if you body is feeling low. You won’t take action unless you practice. You won’t practice unless you take action. One must apply all 4 of these PRINCIPLE in-oder the gain maximum confidence.   

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