5 DIY Must-Haves to sell Your Listing


Tech has evolved to be friendly to your real estate career in so many ways. From submitting an offer right at a home showing for your buyers, to using Instagram to showcase your new listing, the new Realtor tool bag consists of more than just a clipboard and pen.

Although hiring a professional real estate photographer or videographer is a time saver and recommended for novice agents, some sales agents like to get hands in the clay and be a one-stop-shop listing agent. If this resonates with your style, keep reading. Here are 5 ways DIY secrets to sell your listing.


1) Modern Iphone or Android 📱 Did you know you can do anything on a modern phone. You can build websites, create blogs, shoot 4K videos, buffer post Kama Market, virtually everything you want to do technology-wise can be done on a modern phone. so if you are a realtor that likes to do everything on your own and you're not necessarily the type of guy that likes to carry a whole bunch of equipment look no further than your phone. Your phone has the ability to sell your home as long as you use it properly. So before you go out and purchase anything else make sure you purchase a top-of-the-line iPhone or Android phone.


2) Tripod & mount 📷 this goes without saying as a do-it-yourself realtor you need a tripod, or a smartphone mount.  When you're marketing yourself, whether that's taking selfies or taking pictures of a home on the outside and the inside, you will need a tripod for stabilization you can set the settings on the height, width, length, and have 90 degree access to your photos.  A tripod is very necessary in today's marketing look like a pro with the right angles.


3) Lighting 💡 -  have you ever looked on the MLS and you've seen what seems to be a beautiful house on the outside, only to swipe through the pictures of the inside of the home and the pictures look horrible? Who wants to buy a house that looks dark and dingy from the video Walkthrough? This is where lighting comes into play. Lighting is crucial to getting great pictures with your iPhone and great videos as well.

Once you've played with the lighting for a little bit, you will see it's not that hard to get good photos with proper lighting.  Amazon sells phenomenal umbrella lighting kits under $150, and comes with a few different options. You can learn how to use lighting properly from this video, check it out and make sure you get it for your next listing.


4) Lens 📷 -  the regular iPhone or Android camera can only take you so far. Have you ever noticed just how the lens of a professional camera can catch wide angle shots where your phone cannot? This is because of lens, and with modern day technology there is something for everything as it pertains to smartphones. This includes high quality lenses as well. With the right lens you can take the Right video to capture the right shot at the right moment the right angle virtually every time.  you can pick up a decent pair of high-quality lens from here. and you can learn how to use them here.


5) Stabilizer - the only difference between looking like an amateur and looking like a pro is the right tools.  Have you ever notice how shaky some real videos are on your typical iPhone? That's because you're not using a stabilizer. It's very difficult to make top-of-the-line videos for your house without getting a stabilizer, and it's almost unnerving to watch someone walking through a house and the video is bouncing up and down. You can avoid this and take smooth quality shots with a stabilizer. Check out how to use it here.



Start with these 5 DIY must-haves, and a willingness to be creative and you will be selling your listing in no time. I will repeat: your time may be with more than the money it takes to hire a professional. But depending on the price points you work with and the size if your real estate team, these 5 DIY secrets may benefit you more than hiring out for staging, and photo and video content for your listings.


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