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Grant Cardone is one of the best sales trainers of all time. The self-made millionaire celebrity has produced  Millions upon Millions of revenue For His Clients . In one of his greatest Speeches of all time stop selling and start closing  Grant Cardone touches on these four key factors that will expand sales & dominate The Marketplace. one dominate your space, 2) obscurity Is Your biggest problem 3) never contract,  always advance, for never lower your price at value


1) Dominate your SPACE:

What does Coke, Google, Mac Computers & Facebook all have in common? They Dominate Space! One of the biggest lies that you have been told as a Real-Estate agent is to stay small. You don't need to advertise on facebook & zillow. You  don't need to do open houses they don't do anything for you! All wrong all lies. As a top performing real estate agent you need to be able to dominate your space. You need to be everywhere at all times!

This does 2 things, 1) It puts your competition on its heels, it's letting them know who is  the dominate figure is in the space. You don't want other agents & clients not to know you. You want them to see your face everywhere and for them to be reminded of who is the biggest and best in the space.George A Miller "the co-founder of cognitive psychology wrote a compelling highly cited paper "The Magical Number Seven". The article explained that people keep things in their short term memory up to 7 give or take a few. So if potential clients keep on seeing another brand and not yours what do you think will happen? They will go with the other agent, company etc. He who dominates the space owns the market


2) Obscurity is your biggest problem:

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in business money is in the problem, cancel client isn't a problem, not having your car is not your problem, your websites not your problem, your biggest problem as an agent that you will face is obscurity. if people don't know you how are they going to buy from you? If your clients or your potential clients rather don't know who Johnny Cash realtor is How are you going to make any money?. it's not your product it's not your niche it's not your location it's not your Market it's obscurity. People buy bad products all the time.  so people spend money on things that don't matter of course I'll spend money on things that matter. but your product needs to be everywhere so the marketplace can see you and recognize you as a leader in your space.


3)  Never Contract Always Advance:

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When The Lemans collapsed in 2008, so did the economy. Fox News, CNN, friends family and everyone said “retreat! contract! Don’t spend money!” the ones that contracted are the ones that ultimately lost out. It was only the select few that continue to expand into the marketplace that were successful. Winston Churchill said never waste a good crisis. While so many Realtor we're retreating quitting and ultimately living the business there were a select few that expanded out into the natural space. When the space was saturated with Realtors that space needed to be filled back up so there was a select few that chose not to listen to everybody else and step into the space that people have left. When you get the opportunity to advance always do.


4) Never lower price add value.

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Never lower your price, always add value. What I mean by this is don't be a discount real estate agent. Don't negotiate your commission simply to save a deal or keep a client. Instead of lowering your price and devaluing your services, simply add more value.  You can't get your prices any lower than that. You might as well just give your hard-earned money away. what happens when you lower your price as you devalue yourself and then you're not as motivated to help the client properly, you start taking shortcuts, cutting corners and ultimately making yourself look like a bad businessman. If someone wants you to lower your price  and they don't see the benefit of what you have to offer, fire them. They're not the ones that have to pay for the marketing, show the property, hold the open houses, and on and on. Never lower price, add value.



Remember that In business It's not having the best product. It's about having the most viable product. It's not about lowering your standards, it's about raising them. And it's not about doing what everyone else is doing, it's about doing the opposite. Take these 4 simple lessons and apple them to your real estate business today!

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