How Habits Keep you going when motivation fades


Many high performers know the correlation between habits and success. The great Dan Pena once said, “Motivation gets you started, habits keep you going!” David Goggins said “Motivation is BS, it's what you continuously do all day that creates a man”

All the greats know that although motivation is good at times, habits is what keeps you going for the long run. As real estate professionals, habits will make us or break us, not motivation. You don't need someone to constantly motivate you. You don't need a new website or a CRM to stay relevant.  And you don't need anyone but yourself; you are as good as you choose your habits to be.


As Realtors, what can we learn from this simple mindshift? What more can you achieve if you take note of your habits today, adjust them where necessary, and implement new ones where need be? How good would your life be? I want you to think about that for a moment. If you replaced all your unproductive habits with good habits, what would your life look like? How many more calls would you get? How many more cold calls would you make? How many more houses would you sell? It looks pretty good right? Maybe now your life looks like a long vacation, once a year with your family, updated car constantly and a bigger house. In real estate you can make as much money as you want to, your life can truly be limitless.

You might be wondering “how do I even begin?” Begin to change your habits based off of this one principle: what gets measured gets managed. If habits can take you to your wildest dreams, then measuring your habits can take you to the practical sense of what you need to do to get there.  





Here's what I mean.When your goal is to get to 189 pounds at 6% body fat, what do you need to do? Track your workouts and your meals. Another example: let's say you wanted habits that will get you into the 2 comma club from your commissions, how would you do that?  You would immediately begin to track your hours in the day. Track what you do throughout the day, how much time do you spend doing it, and how much time are you wasting talking to people that aren't going to get you to your goal. Are you talking to the people that will get your goal?  How much money are you putting in marketing? All these things are very traceable and will help you to form the habits that you need to achieve your goal.

Begin tracking and measuring the habits you currently have to create new and improved habits from them. You don’t need to wake up and change every single thing you do; this will set you up for total failure. Track where you are, and start with one habit, and go from there. You will see a complete difference in your life.

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