What Every Realtor needs in their Trunk.

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This 1 simple trick can help you become a more effective & Realtor in 2018

Did you know that keeping your trunk full will help you become a more effective and efficient Realtor? Being a Realtor in the modern era requires a lot of road time and a lot of field time. (Meaning you’re not gonna be in the office if you’re a top producer). Instead, you’re going to be out with clients looking at homes, taking inventory of what’s on the market, going to open houses to learn about new areas, shooting videos to promote your brand etc. So with that being said, your car needs to turn into an office of sorts. I’m not talking about living and sleeping in your car but what I am referring to is keeping a few basic things in your trunk that will maximize your output and help you stay in the field longer. Below is a list of simple items that needs to be with you at all times!

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Toilet Paper -   I can't tell you how many times I've taken my clients out to look at homes and we run into bathrooms with no toilet paper. Let me just tell you, it's not fun for anybody to stop the home search process just to use the bathroom. This has the potential to kill the momentum of the home search, resulting in unhappy clients. And when your clients are unhappy they’re not thinking about buying real estate, they’re thinking about everything that can go wrong with the deal. (*REMEMBER happy clients equals smooth transactions) Don't let this be you! Always carry toilet paper, you never know when you're going to need it!


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Data Ipad / Tablet with apple pencil or android stylus. We live in 2018 and we should treat it as such . Don't get caught in the field without a Data iPad, I repeat, an ipad with a data plan  or top of the line data android tablet.  (On a personal note* I Prefer every realtor either have a iPad Pro With Apple Pencil or an Samsung Galaxy Tab s3).

Why a data tablet specifically you might ask? 2 reasons. What if you are out in the field and your buyer  wants you to put in an offer in immediately? Or what if you need to get a contract signed on the spot? Or what if you are working other deals and you need to send an Important email out in a timely  fashion so your other buyers can get the house of their dreams? I Can give you endless scenario where you may need a data tablet. I know a lot of your saying “well I have an iPhone” Listen, there's nothing more frustrating than looking in your phone and a tiny little screen and trying to get people to sign contracts. Get the proper tools for the proper job and never leave home without It .

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Trunk with Ice Water / Soda -  so I want you to imagine this. You are out with your clients on a nice hot Florida summer day. You're looking at open houses you're driving from home I'm doing the normal stuff you would do while courting your buyers.  You've been out for a few hours and your clients start to get really thirsty, but the open houses you go to don't have any water. Wouldn't it be much nicer if you could simply reach into your trunk and give them a nice ice cold drink? Remember: while courting your buyers, you want to always keep the mood right. Keep them happy, keep them feeling good. People buy a lot of times off of emotions, and if you're dehydrated and uncomfortable they will want to stop seeing homes. This could hinder an offer that was just right around the corner! Bottom line: keep them happy keep them hydrated.


First aid kit -  everyone gets sick or injured from time to time, especially living in the Florida Heat. Maybe they have sinuses, maybe have a headache, maybe they're have a little bit of a cold. Make sure you always carry with you a mini first aid kit, including aspirin and maybe some allergy medicine. Now I'm not telling you to be a doctor here, but everyone takes something for their symptoms from time to time. If you have this readily available, you may help your clients continue on in the home searching. As I explained, with the keeping water in your trunk is the same concept. You want them to have good vibes at all times. Don't let headaches, sinuses or minor scratches of their little ones prevent the outing.


This list could honestly be 20 long, but this is a great start. A Realtor’s trunk filled with basic necessities and creature comforts is just as important as their skillset.

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