WHY WE FAIL - a ceo's perspective


AHHHH, the question that humanity has been asking since before the dawn of the Roman Empire. Why do so many of us fail in life? Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer (no matter what era)? Why is it that the top 1% control about 99% of the money? WHY DO WE ULTIMATELY FAIL?


Well, I have a simple answer to that, PROGRAMMING. After studying the greats for many years (Dan Pena, Muhammad Ali, Yoda, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jesus, Donald Trump, Grant Cardone, Barack Obama, Tony Stark & Princess Leia just to name a few) it has come to my attention that all of these people have one thing in common, PROGRAMMING. Most of the world chooses to be programed by the NEWS, MEDIA, UNSUCCESSFUL FRIENDS & FAMILY, AND REALLY WHATEVER THEY CAN MAKE AN EXCUSE FOR. The GREATS however choose to PROGRAM THEMSELVES or be programmed by other successful people. (the key word in here is CHOOSE).  


-I know most of you may say, well that’s easier said than done, or my sister works 3 jobs just to pay the bills, or the SYSTEM is rigged or I grew up in poverty, or I have one leg and on and on and on.  I say CRAP to all of those excuses. HERE’S WHY.

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Robert Kiyosaki (best selling author, real estate ninja & multi millionaire) came from a poor family in Hawaii. His father, mother and most of his family members were poor both financially and mentally. He had every excuse in the book to follow their example, but instead he CHOSE to be programmed by his best friends dad. His best friends dad, also known as his “rich dad” was a mulit millionaire bussiness man. ROBERT SIMPLY CHOSE to take advice from his rich dad instead of his poor family. He chose his own PROGRAMMING. He chose to listen to the advice of someone who was where he wanted to be.


-I know, I know…… He grew up in Hawaii & his best friends dad happened to be rich. That’s not programming that’s fortune. EXCELLENT! HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE

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Unlike the very fortunate Mr Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins did not have a rich dad around to train him. Infact his dad wasn’t around at all. Instead he had an abusive mother who kicked him out in the streets at a young age. Tony was homeless for a while, sleeping in cars or wherever he could lay his head. Today TONY ROBBINS is a world class speaker, best selling author and not to mention he’s worth about half a BILLION dollars. Some may ask, “how did TONY GET SO LUCKY.” Again the answer comes back around to PROGRAMMING. Tony read book after book searching for answers and then one lonely day his persistence paid off. He came across a little book known as THINK AND GROW RICH. It was all down hill from there. 


-I know, I know…… He’s not a minority, those same kind of opportunities don’t exist for minorities. He may have worked hard but race and luck played a big part in his success. EXCELLENT! HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE

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Unlike Tony Robbins, Barack Obama was  a no name minority politician. To many people, Barack Obama seemed to come out of nowhere to became the FIRST African American President. What was his excuse? Did he say I’m a minority in a country ran by European Americans. Did he say I don’t stand a chance in this country, they’ll never vote for a Minority. No, not at all. Instead he CHOSE to PROGRAM himself. He chose not to listen to the media, the noise, the chatter and simply went after his dream. He essentially PROGRAMED himself, and literally talked himself into presidency.


-I know, I know…….He’s still a man, and after all he did go to Punahou (one of the most prestigious high schools in the country). He was destined to become the first minority president. Opportunity doesn’t exist like that for women, especially minority women. EXCELLENT HERE IS ANOTHER EXAMPLE.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Success is only one thought away!.png

Madam C.J. Walker born in 1867 in the state of Louisiana was not only the first minority female millionaire in America she was the first female millionaire in America of any race. Now, we all know what card she was dealt being a African American female from the 1800’s.  Did that stop her from opening up her multi million dollar hair product line? Did she let her color, circumstances, lack of education, media or her situation stop her? Did she allow the programming and excuses of others to keep her from her dream? NO! She chose to PROGRAM herself. She chose to use the power of her mind over anything else. 




I can literally write a book on this but I think you get the point. The truth is so many of us fail because we simply choose to. So many of us choose to be programmed by whatever propaganda comes along. We choose to drift with the crowds never taking control of our own minds. 



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