Evan Carmichael’s BEST - 🙌 top 10 rules for Success 📹 (YOUTUBE)


Evan Carmichael is a serial entrepreneur and massively successful YouTuber. Every week he puts out great content from elite entrepreneurs on the rules of success. His YouTube channel has over 1.4 million subscribers that influence entrepreneurs daily! Below are my top 3 videos of his ft. elite entrepreneurs >> Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill & Gary Vaynerchuk


Robert Kiyosaki

INTRO found at 👉   www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRXAL_gQnug ✎ A fourth-generation Japanese American, he was born in Hawaii. After graduating from High School, he attended the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. After graduating from college he began his career by taking a job with Standard Oil's tanker office. He served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the Vietnam War. He was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in June 1974. He started a company that brought to market the first nylon and Velcro "surfer" wallets. In 1994, he retired at the age of 47. He launched Cashflow Technologies, a business company which owns the Rich Dad and Cashflow brands. He also maintains a monthly column on Yahoo Finance. He has co-authored one book with his sister called "Rich Brother, Rich Sister". 

1. Always be a student
2. Have an entrepreneur mindset
3. Learn how to sell
4. Be a team player
5. Strive to do better
6. Seek mentors
7. Do your research
8. Become a leader
9. Have a Midas touch
10. Don't quit

 Gary Vaynerchuk

INTRO found at 👉  www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3vH_YQWZg8  ✎ As a kid, Gary V operated a lemonade-stand franchise. He was born in the Soviet Union. At age 14, he joined his family's retail-wine business. He grew the family's retail-wine business from $3 million to $60 million a year by 2005. He's best known as a digital marketing and social-media pioneer at the helm of VaynerMedia and VaynerX. He has been featured in "The New York Times", The Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Time. He is a regular keynote speaker at global entrepreneurship and technology conferences. He has made a number of personal investments as an angel investor. In 2017 Entrepreneur magazine put Vaynerchuk's net worth at $160 million. In 2017 VaynerSports signed NFL draft participants including Jalen Reeves Maybin and Jon Toth.

1. Be optimistic
2. Make no excuses
3. Be better than everyone
4. Be driven by gratitude
5. Only care about your opinion
6. Believe in what you're doing
7. Eliminate dwelling
8. Start small
9. Get leverage
10. Care about your audience 

Napoleon Hill

INTRO found at 👉 www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTl-X6BkrDU Napoleon Hill  was an American author in the area of the new thought movement who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature.

His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best-selling books of all time.

Hill's works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. Here are Napoleon Hill’s Top 10 Rules for Success.

1. Have a definite purpose
2. Get along peacefully with others
3. Believe
4. Your only limit is yourself
5. Take action
6. Improve your personality
7. Create, recognize and act upon opportunities
8. Success must be planned
9. Move with courage and determination
10. Conceive, believe, achieve


Top 3 questions that determine your SUCCESS in 🏙️ real estate


Many people get their real estate license for various reasons. Some people have a definite clear-cut goals before the even passed the exam. Others just wanted a change in their career to have more time. Whatever the reason is, there are three key questions that must be answered before you know just how successful you will be as a real estate agent.

but they should.....


  1. How much money do you want to make your first year? Most people do not even consider to ask these questions before they pass the exam! But really how much money do you want to make? The answer to that is crucial for  questions 2 & 3 so first determine your money goal. Lets assume your goal is $100,000 in net commissions. PERFECT! Check out question 2.

  2. How much time do you have to invest daily to learning and practicing sales? Assuming your goal is $100,000, you must consider how much time energy and effort it will take to learning a new industry. Let’s assume you have a full eight hours to devote in the first 12 months. You’ll need to know the next question absolutely.

  3. How much money do you plan to invest in your business every month? Let’s assume you have $1000 to invest every month after start up cost.

So it works like this. If you plan to be a full-time agent, and want to make 100,000 in your first year, $1000 monthly capital investment is feasible.

As the average price point of home sales in Florida is 250,000 and your commission split is at 3%, in order to make 100,000 in the first year you will be selling 1-2 homes each month. on average



while there is no cap to how much money you can make and how many homes you can sell, Knowing the answer to this will determine just how committed you are to your new career. 


The 2 days Realtors should NEVER have a closing. 😡



There so many things that you are going to learn from trial and error when you first get your real estate license. In Florida for instance, a real estate agent can be paid by the title company if approved by their broker. On the other hand, in Virginia no sales agent is legally allowed to collect a check prior to the broker getting their portion. No matter what state you’re in, do you know the two days of the week you never ever ever ever hold a closing?.....

Some things just come with experience. However, there are some closing procedures that no other brokerage will tell you, but should be written and a big golden book and given to every newly licensed Florida sales agent. Since there’s nothing like that, there’s Follow Me. We will dish all the Do’s and definitely Don’ts of the modern real estate industry.


I’m here to share that information with you today from an agent and a broker perspective. Here are the two days you never have a closing.

Number one day you should never ever ever ever have a closing is: Monday.
Now why would Mondays be such a bad idea to close on? It’s the beginning of the week, you can get your check to clear, your clients have the whole week to unpack and get into their new home, all the benefits seem to be there.

What typically happens on Mondays?Labor Day, Martin Luther King Junior Day, and Memorial Day. Many major holidays fall on a Monday and banks close on Mondays. Now why does this matter to you as the agent? Well for one, a bank will not fund a loan on a National holiday. In theory, you can close any day you choose to if the settlement papers are finalized and the title company or closing agent is willing to meet with both parties. But the buyers will be sorely disappointed when they realize they cannot get the keys to the house until the bank reopens and sends the funding to the  title company.

As an agent you also do not get paid until the loan is funded, or have to wait longer if your brokerage doesn’t offer same-day closings. (But we do!🙋‍♀️) So the title company, lender, the listing and buyers agents, and the seller don’t get their portion until the bank opens back up. To avoid all of the potential frustration, confusion, and questions from your clients, never ever ever schedule a closing on a Monday. Period.

The second day to never ever ever ever hold a closing is: Friday.
At 5 PM Friday, all banks shut down like clockwork. This means that the majority of loans stop being funded around 2:00-3:00PM on Fridays. So if your closing is anytime in the late afternoon, chances are your clients will have to wait that much longer to take possession of their newly purchased home and you will again be waiting for your commission check. Not only will you be waiting one business day. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will pass before you were likely to see your closing check.

But my fellow Realtors, I do have good news for you. The closing date is typically at the discretion of the agent, specifically the buyers agent. The closing date can be a negotiated between both parties but the agents on both ends of the transaction will have the most say and when this closes. Title companies are fairly flexible since closings in their office happen every day. And if needed, a little bit of sweet talk can get you to close even at the time that you want.

Knowing these obstacles before they even happen is worth all the diamonds in the world. It will bring you that much more value when talking with your clients and handling every transaction with diligence and professionalism.


How to be part of the 🔥 TOP 6% by selling homes 🤑

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Did you know that only 6% of the entire world makes an income of $100,000 or more a year? Crazy right 😜! So what does that look like for all you realtors out there? How can you become part of the top 6% of the world? How many homes do you need to sell in-order to achieve this goal?

Below is a simple breakdown of how you can become part of the top 6%

Say you’re goal is to make $100,000 in your first year. The average price point of a home you sell is $250,000. At 3% commission, you’ll need to sell about 1 property every month to reach your goal.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of A4 – Untitled Design.png

That’s pretty attainable, right?  It’s all in the numbers. To get 1 client, you’ll first engage through telling people about you. Some of you have heard others say “don’t be a secret agent!” this is what it’s all about. Letting people know who you are. As a full-time agent, you’ll most likely talk to 100 people about real estate, the market, or your business, whether in passing, conversations with a colleague, or through prospecting. Of those 100, 10 will sit down with you, see a home with you, or invite you over for a listing consultation. To get one conversion per month, you’ll have about 10 conversations.

Now, these conversion can be significantly higher, and should be for a social agent. Which makes it that much easier to sell 13 homes in one year, and hit your $100,000 mark.

Many of you may be thinking “if this is so attainable, why don’t I hit these levels? So I want you to take a look at the actions you took in this past week. Just 7 days. How much action have you taken that is even remotely close to this amount of action? chances are, you will surprise yourself and see the levels of action necessary, and the persistence to follow through on becoming a part of the top 6% is what stops most people from major success.

It’s not your brokerage. It’s not your commission. It’s all about you, your mindset, your goals, and your willingness to see an opportunity to convert a client in every situation. While it’s necessary to focus on your goals, what’s even more important are the levels of action that will create immense success over long periods of time. And as much time as it takes to be a part of the top 6%, it takes even more massive levels of persistence to stay there, and go beyond your first $100,000 dollars.

Talk to 100 people every week. Go for the sale every time, and I can assure you that you will bank balance will increase with amount of focus you have on your business.


4 Best Online Tools 💻 🔧 to Generate Viable Leads


As a sales agent you have one job only, get clients. The more client you have the more listings you get, the more clients you have the more buyers you get. And the more listings and buyers you get the more money you make! Below are my top 4 client acquisition must haves.



1) Leads capture site - Easy Agent Pro is what I suggest. Easy agent pro is an easy to use lead capture website. It’s not a generic site that comes with your company it’s a personal site that helps you find yourself as individual while capturing leaves at the same time. Easy Agent Pro is optimized for the real estate industry through apps, automated text messages, and Facebook marketing. I strongly suggest any real estate agent in the industry use easy agent pro. For their leads capture site.


2) Zillow Premier Agent - this goes without saying, but Zillow premier agent can increase your potential client base very quickly. While it’s not cheap, the fastest and easiest way to fill up your pipeline is with Zillow. With Zillow, conversion are really straightforward:  the more you invest in your market share, the more prospects will calling you because you’re being seen in your desired zip code. Check out our article on Zillow and other lead generation platforms. 👉 https://open.spotify.com/episode/0AGiADtd4vEkEmajj0JeUY



3) Facebook ads - not as many people have tapped into this but Facebook is a great place to capture buyers and sellers. With Facebook having over 2 Billion users the potential to gain clients here is endless. The awesome thing about Facebook ads is, if done properly, you can gain leads just as quickly as Zillow at a fraction of the cost. If you are new in the industry and want to try something that is more cost effective, Facebook is the way to go.


4) Plus leads - when you’re trying to load up on those listings, plus leads is the number one source for expired and FSBO leads. Plus leads sends an email to you daily of all the expired listings in your area. This email includes address, phone numbers, email address if they have one and all the necessary tools you need to contact these people. You can build a great database of clients through listings, and can essentially market to those people bringing you both short term and long term clients.


That wraps the client acquisition must haves. Your job as a real estate agent is to do one thing: acquire clients! And the 4 platforms mentioned above are outstanding  resources to grow your client base.


Top 3 POWERFUL Steps to Perfect your 🏠 home Marketing


In order to decrease active time on the market, secure competitive offers  and network on behalf of our seller clients, we’ve curated the three simple steps to perfecting your marketing as a listing agent.


1. Take professional pictures - now I know this may sound like a big fat duh but you'd be surprised on the amount of realtors that don't use professional photography! All you have to do is look at the MLS or Zillow. It's shocking!! Now I'm not talking about Realtors that know photography and take the pictures themselves. I'm especially talking about Realtors that have no business even taking a selfie!! So do whatever you have to do in order to get professional pictures done. Whether or not that's getting the equipment yourself, hiring out, or splitting your commission with another agent so they can get it done. Do whatever it takes but get it done.


2. Market across all platforms - So in 2003 when the internet was just getting started minimal online marketing was necessary! Fast forward 15 years and not only is it necessary it is a must! To separate yourself from other listing agents of this current era you must dominate across all platforms and promote your property everywhere you can. This includes Zillow, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram stories, live videos platforms, YouTube, your listings branded websites and of course the MLS. A simple rule of thumb is this *he/she who gets the most exposure is he/she who sells the home quickest.


3. Know your market - if you take the first two principles take professional pictures, and market across all platforms, you will most likely get the home sold. However there is something to be said to the agent who knows the market they are in. The more you know your market the better you can market the home. I can give you countless examples of deals that have fallen through the cracks because that person didn’t know their market. They either priced too high, priced it too low or didn’t negotiate properly for the areas they were in. It pays unlimited dividends to know your market. You will be able to get your home sold that much quicker and that much more efficiently. When you know the market like you know the back of your hand good things happen.


Would you like to learn more digital marketing,listing marketing for real estate, and how to attract buyers and sellers for your specific niche?  

Request to join my new Facebook Group Nouveau Realtors



FMR's Money 💸 on Autopilot


What Money on AUTOPILOT Looks LIKE.....


You've heard it time and time again in different forms from different people! You've heard Passive Income, Money on AUTOPILOT, residual income etc. But what does that look like? What does that even mean? More specifically how does that look in the Follow Me Realty Platform? GLAD YOU ASKED


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of A4 – Untitled Design.jpg

The world of real estate has created opportunities for passive income in more ways that just being landlord. Passive Income also referred to as residual income is money that creates a steady flow of cash from the efforts of others. For Example lets you own an apartment building with 10 units in them. Everyone paid you rent of $1,000 a month every month. Assuming property management fees, and other expenses are $3000 monthly for these properties, you have effectively created $7,000 a month paycheck. This is what’s known as passive income. You don't work for the money. The money is working for you. People are literally working for there money then giving  it to you.


Now some of you are thinking, “ that's nice but I don't have the money or credit to buy an apartment building”. NOT TO WORRY. Follow Me has created an amazing passive income program for it's REALTORS. Here's what the Follow Me Realty looks like. FOR EXAMPLE  Let's say that your goal was to make an extra $4,000 a month. All you would have to do is refer. 100 agents. For every AGENT YOU REFER you get $200 every-time they sell a home. For every 5 agents one will sell a home in that given month. YES IT'S THAT SIMPLE


The days of passive income only being for the investors and network marketers are over.  You can begin at once with very little start up money. If you are interested in making money on autopilot click here


Dan Lok's Top 3 Videos for Real Estate 🏢

Dan LOK.png

"Dan Lok, a.k.a. The King of High-Ticket Sales is a self-proclaimed “high-ticket” celebrity consultant. Creator of High-Ticket Millions Methodology™, and author of FU Money, Dan Lok teaches coaches and consultants from all industries how to increase their value and their bottom line with their services, even real estate sales professionals. Here are the top 3 videos for real estate industry.

1) The one secret to close more sales on the phone: 

This short clip is jam-packed with wisdom. In this video down lock simply flips the script on prospects and potential clients. Instead of you calling them you let them call you. Whether that’s through an ad campaign click funnel system however it is set up your potential clients for them to call you instead of you calling them. By doing this you are positioning yourself to close the deal. When people call you and not the other way around you are the one that holds the value.

2) How to stop procrastinating - quit procrastination forever. 

In this hour long video, Dan Lok goes into detail on the 8 types of procrastinators.

Dan’s belief is that if you understand the personas you can stop them.

He uses a simple push-up example to drive home the point about procrastination.

3) Shiny object syndrome

In this short infomercial, Dan drives home the point of focus in a unique way and how distractions come in the form of shiny objects.. He reminds us all that distractions  can quickly take you off of the course of success!! He reminds us that in real estate you have to be laser focused in - order to be a top producing agent. He reminds us that in business he who focuses is he who wins!  Watch this video for a quik kick in the butt to get you back to your reality.





How to get 👍 100 Leads, without💲Zillow!

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In 2017, NAR studies revealed that virtual brokers were the biggest threat to traditional brick and mortar companies, as physical office locations saw a steep decline in popularity. Real estate brokerages all over the world no longer need to operate with the brick and mortar structure in order for their agents to be successful. And yet, many realty companies are still using floor time as a means to recruit agents. Now, if you are in a smaller area with a lot of foot traffic in your community, then perhaps this does not apply. For the rest of the world, physical brick and mortar brokerages are becoming more and more obsolete.

Copy of 25 Popular Travel Destinations (3).png


If foot traffic not a good source of lead generation any longer, then what part does your community play in generating leads? Although you should be able to be credible and verifiable as a sales agent with your online reputation, their are some creative ways to become the market leader in your niche offline. With that being said, here are the top three ways to get traffic to your personal brand in front of your community.


  • Local events. Many areas of Florida have niche neighborhoods that hold their own family friendly events on holidays, weekends and summer time. From lunch truck nights to Fourth of July Block parties, getting your face in front of many people will be so much easier when you can narrow down these niche neighborhoods. In central Florida for instants, Lake Nona, Avalon Park, and celebration all have neighborhood scared to ward fun filled events for all ages. These are phenomenal examples of to set up a vendor tents and establish a presence within your niche neighborhood. Many of the people who come to these events are out of town family members of the residents who are looking to possibly move down to Florida, so take advantage of this opportunity! Raffles, prize giveaways, and gift cards or an especially great way to obtain email addresses and contact information of passersby.

Copy of 22nd June - quote 05 (1).png
  • Local colleges. While this may not be to secure buyers and sellers, college campuses are a great place to get your team brand out there with the younger crowd and also recruit new agents.This is just as important as prospecting for buyers and sellers, since a growing team should be the next step in a Realtor’s career. Millenials and new graduates will be seeking employment right out of college, and with entrepreneur lifestyle on the rise, bringing on hungry agents is easy with the campus recruiting, especially if you are a younger agent yourself operating a team.

  • Homes & Land Magazine: this featured property listings circulation delivers free issues to all major tourist spots, grocery stores, and public places throughout the United States. For the snow bunnies who come to visit from up north looking for homes, this will be one of the best offline resources that any agent can take advantage of.


Take advantage of these offline methods of generating more business, but remember: your personal brand will always redirect to your online presence. Use these methods as another way to drive traffic to your brand online.


Tom Bilyeu Top 5 Quotes to Boost 💪 Motivation and Focus💡

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Tom Bilyeu  is The co-founder of Quest Nutrition, an amazing startup that was valued at over $1 billion. Tom is also the founder of the up-and-coming media company Impact Theory. Impact Theory’s main premise is to inspire people of this and future generations to make revolutionary companies and that will leave a positive impact on the people of this world. Below are some of the best quotes from Tom himself.

Copy of Copy of 22nd June - quote 05.png
  1. “No one can give you heart. No one can give you discipline. No one can make you unstoppable. Those are things you must decide for yourself. But make no mistake, it’s a decision. It’s not a genetic gift. It’s a mind set.”
  2. “Stop trying to be what you think other people want to see. Stop being what you’ve been told you should be. Start being exactly who you want to be in all of your glorious strangeness. You’ve got to be different and valuable to last.”
  3. “If you want to be miserable it’s there for you. If you want to be empowered it’s there for you.”
  4. “No one is born a visionary. You have to cultivate that shit.”
  5. “You know who you really are. You push. You progress. You grind. You want to be the sculptor and the Clay – to suffer through the process of transformation. That’s why, when it’s all said and done, you’ll be the last one standing.”


Top-five ☝ high performers of impact theory. 💃

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Some of us can listen to things once and it will be embedded in our consciousness forever. For everyone else, there is YouTube! Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory interviews 5 of the high performers of today, as they share their secrets for success in life and business. Here are the top 5 Impact Theory videos to help you increase your success in business and in life.


1) David Goggins - how to make yourself immune to pain: In this video David Goggins (ex Navy seal, world class triathlete and top 5 ultra runner) dives deep into the process of challenging yourself in life and in business. His philosophy is immunity. How much pain can you endure before you quit or get to the next level? How many repetitions will it take before you become immune to situations?  For Goggins, life is always about pushing yourself to the breaking point... and then going an extra 50 miles. This video will teach you how to push yourself and your business farther than you ever thought possible.


2) Shawn Stevenson - why sleep is more important than diet: Shawn Stevenson has a true come back story from  being a cripple to tapping into life changing sleep patterns Shawns advice in this video is unmeasurable. He will take you through his entire journey from his deteriorating spine to elite health and all of the steps in-between. This video will ultimately teach you just how important sleep really is and how it can transform your life and your business.


3) Jim Kwik  - how to unlock Genius and uncover your superpower:  Jim Kwik is internationally recognized as the leader in memory improvement. His traumatic brain injury when he was five left him with learning disabilities that he had to overcome. In this video Jim dissects habits, patterns, belief systems and a framework to overcome fear!  Jim Kwik will fill you with confidence and believe so you can produce more sales.


4) Ed Mylett - what everyone struggling needs to know right now: In this inspiring video Ed Mylett (multi millionaire ceo & finance guru) talks about the power of dreams and visualization! He takes you through a step by step process of unattainable to tangible! His hypothesis is this, if you touch your dreams for a day or two you'll eventually live them. For example let’s say you’re a new real estate agent and you’re goal is to make millions of dollars, drive a Ferrari and live in a penthouse suite. In order for you to get there faster and believe that it’s in tangible you first have to touch it, this means renting a Ferrari for a weekend to getting an Airbnb in a penthouse downtown. When you do this and temporarily touch the dream, the dream becomes a reality that much faster!


5) Tai Lopez  - grinding isn't enough: You have seen this guy everywhere hrs all over YouTube invading your privacy with ad after ad talking about his Ferrari's and how he reads a book a day. Tai Lopez has a plethora of knowledge to give to us salesmen and entrepreneurs. But none is better than the advice he gives in this video. He simply says “grinding isn't enough, you have to be hiding in the right direction if you want to be successful.” Tai elaborates much more on this concept in the video. It's a reminder for all of us entrepreneurs, realtors & salesmen to check or compass from time to time to make sure we are headed  in the right direction.

My laws of success will only work if you do.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the same manner as what you learn will from these videos will only work if you apply what you have learned. As any great philosophy teacher will tell you take what you can use and discard the rest.


Becoming the chairman of your own council

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If you had a chance to sit with the greatest minds and thinkers, those who have a influence on you and your everyday life, what would you say to them? And more importantly, what would they say to you?

Copy of Copy of CULTURE (1).png

Have you ever heard of the idea of an invisible council? Chances are if you’ve read think and grow rich, you are familiar with the council that Napoleon Hill discusses in his book. In today’s article we will explore the benefits of having an imaginary counsel to aid you and your decisions.

What is an imaginary council? Much like you would with a Board of Directors or a mastermind, an imaginary council can be a powerful way to communicate with those you idolize, are inspired by or look up to in business and in life. This council can consist of people living or dead. Imaginary council members don’t have to be living to still have a major impact on you.


Who to bring to your counsel. Napoleon Hills council consisted of Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, and a bevy of other successful American businessman. He went to his counsel to hash out details of specific things, and although these were imaginary conversations they shaped his decisions in every aspect of his life.

22nd June - quote 05.png

It may sound crazy, but I myself have used the aid of imagination when deliberating about a specific issue and took this issue to my counsel.


How to talk with your council. Have you tried creating your own counsel? Do you know what this looks like? It goes a little something like this. Say you had an important business decision that you wanted to make but could gain perspective of others you trusted. However, you do not want to go to your friends and family members for a decision like this. Perhaps they are not as unbiased as you need them to be in this particular situation. Before you go to bed, discuss with your imaginary Council of however many people, what your future plans are for your business, your life, and overall success. But more importantly, listen to what they have to say. Imagine how those you look up to would react. How would they react to the trivial matters that are clouding your judgement? You would be amazed how allowing your imagination to provide the answers work themselves out when you imagine from these mentors in your mind.


Try this method of deliberating and allow your council to form their own opinions in your mind, and always remembering that you are the chairman to your own cabinet and have the final say on every decision.


My Top Resources For Success In Sales

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 All business sales people need great content with good resources to keep our sales high and our minds sharp. If we want or be the most successful we need great resources to do that. Below is a list of my personal favorites that I use almost every day.

Copy of 22nd June - quote 05.png

1. Tools of Titans:  Jammed packed with bite sized information that anyone can use, this book is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom. From practicality to spirituality this unique book is filled with habits, sales tactics and rituals all from top performance individuals. There is literally everything you need in here to create a successful blueprint in life. Get it here

2. Dan Lok on YouTube: If you are a Realtor reading this (and I'm pretty sure most of you are) then you need to listen/watch this channel. Dan Lok is a top sales practitioner for individuals selling high ticket items such as real estate. The knowledge you gain from his simple selling techniques is priceless. You can implement this knowledge and see results almost immediately. Watch here.

3. Impact theory, YouTube: This is my personal go to YouTube channel for mindset and learning. Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory interviews high performers that have mastered stress, learned highly effective tactics to eat and sleep better. And habits to optimize sales performance. Maybe we simply need some words of wisdom to get us through a tough day. Think of this channel as an all in information hub to a better life.

4. Genius Foods on Audible: Sales professionals need to be on all the time!! Everyone we talk to has the potential to be our future client or customer, and we want to be sharp both mentally and physically when we meet them. In this new york times best-seller Max Lugavere dives really really deep into Genius Foods and the effect it has on the mind and the body. This audio book is a must listen for anyone that wants to optimize their mind and body. Listen here.

5. KinoBody on YouTube: Gregory O'gallagher is the founder of KinoBody fitness. He has a very  simple and effective approach to fitness and lifestyle. The beautiful thing about it is it can all be learned in his KinoBody film adaptations playlist. In his motivating and inspiring infomercials you learn the basics of a physically healthy life. He breaks it down in a way that is very digestible and practical. Like I said earlier sales is always about being on point physically, emotionally and mentally. Greg helps you get there. Watch here.

6. Personal motivation playlist - every morning while I'm making my coffee and getting ready for the day I have these motivational videos with epic music and speeches playing in the background. They jump start your day with knowledge, music  and motivation. If I forget to listen to these daily I personally noticed I'm not as focused and driven as when I do listen to them. MORNING RITUALS ARE A MUST! Check out the playlist here

These are my personal top resources that I use daily! These resources have helped me with breakthroughs. They've given me the golden nuggets when I didn't think I even needed one. They've given me new ideas and new money from those ideas. They can do the same for you.  


Show Me Your Friends & I'll Show You Your Results!

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If I said: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your results”? What immediately comes to mind for you?

This is another way of saying you are who you associate yourself with. Your money, your attitude, your goals your success all comes back around to who choose to be around.  Let's think about this in a practical sense. Let's assume that the following statement is true. To learn anything new you must first be exposed to it. This could be bad habits, good habits , algebra, or French. So if you are exposing yourself to highly successful people, you are simply learning the habits, actions and their way of thinking. If you are exposing yourself to negative people you become that. You pick up on their bad habits and the losing ways. Your success is directly correlated on who you choose to be around.

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Let's elaborate. Let's say you are a struggling sales agent and you are having problems with closing deals. You have buyers that seem to run your around in circles. One of them refuses to get a pre approval, but wanted you to show him ten houses this week. The other buyer has backed out of the last three contacts changing his mind after the offer has already been accepted. You don't have any leads coming in and no one that you know is selling their home. This may seem like bad luck, but let's peel the onion a few layers back.

Leads not converting. If your prospects aren’t converting but you refuse to invest capital in lead generation, chances are you’ve listened to other people that tell you Zillow is a bad idea. Your association with these people has directly caused a negative impact on your success.

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Complicated buyers. Your brokerage told you that you need to chase every single lead that comes your way or someone said to be grateful for every single opportunity that comes your way. Or it may be a fellow realtor that says “it’s hard to get any leads around here”. So what happens is you successfully let people reprogram your thinking, creating an outcome not based off of your own decisions. When all along you should have fired your complicated buyer for not following proper protocol.

Your listing is not selling. I bet somewhere along the lines someone told you: “all I had do is list on the MLS” or you listen to somebody that says you don’t need a website, social media, and massive amounts of exposure for your listing. All bad advice all pre-recorded data now causing you an outcome you did not want. (WHICH IS NOT SELLING THE HOME)

If we take a deeper look into the problems we can most likely trace it back to your associations. Who are you choosing to be around? Your life, your success, your sales, is all in direct proportion of your association. Who you choose to associate with, who you choose to take influence from will create your future.


What your Broker Hasn't Told you about Branding

What your Broker Hasn't Told you about Branding

Start right where you are, if you like the people you surround with. If not, change your surroundings to reflect your niche. You could be the Realtor everyone knows in your church, on your street, your sorority sisters, in your PTA Group. Or you could be a relocation expert, a VA homes advocate. The niche options are endless.

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