How to be part of the 🔥 TOP 6% by selling homes 🤑

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Did you know that only 6% of the entire world makes an income of $100,000 or more a year? Crazy right 😜! So what does that look like for all you realtors out there? How can you become part of the top 6% of the world? How many homes do you need to sell in-order to achieve this goal?

Below is a simple breakdown of how you can become part of the top 6%

Say you’re goal is to make $100,000 in your first year. The average price point of a home you sell is $250,000. At 3% commission, you’ll need to sell about 1 property every month to reach your goal.

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That’s pretty attainable, right?  It’s all in the numbers. To get 1 client, you’ll first engage through telling people about you. Some of you have heard others say “don’t be a secret agent!” this is what it’s all about. Letting people know who you are. As a full-time agent, you’ll most likely talk to 100 people about real estate, the market, or your business, whether in passing, conversations with a colleague, or through prospecting. Of those 100, 10 will sit down with you, see a home with you, or invite you over for a listing consultation. To get one conversion per month, you’ll have about 10 conversations.

Now, these conversion can be significantly higher, and should be for a social agent. Which makes it that much easier to sell 13 homes in one year, and hit your $100,000 mark.

Many of you may be thinking “if this is so attainable, why don’t I hit these levels? So I want you to take a look at the actions you took in this past week. Just 7 days. How much action have you taken that is even remotely close to this amount of action? chances are, you will surprise yourself and see the levels of action necessary, and the persistence to follow through on becoming a part of the top 6% is what stops most people from major success.

It’s not your brokerage. It’s not your commission. It’s all about you, your mindset, your goals, and your willingness to see an opportunity to convert a client in every situation. While it’s necessary to focus on your goals, what’s even more important are the levels of action that will create immense success over long periods of time. And as much time as it takes to be a part of the top 6%, it takes even more massive levels of persistence to stay there, and go beyond your first $100,000 dollars.

Talk to 100 people every week. Go for the sale every time, and I can assure you that you will bank balance will increase with amount of focus you have on your business.

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