Becoming the chairman of your own council

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If you had a chance to sit with the greatest minds and thinkers, those who have a influence on you and your everyday life, what would you say to them? And more importantly, what would they say to you?

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Have you ever heard of the idea of an invisible council? Chances are if you’ve read think and grow rich, you are familiar with the council that Napoleon Hill discusses in his book. In today’s article we will explore the benefits of having an imaginary counsel to aid you and your decisions.

What is an imaginary council? Much like you would with a Board of Directors or a mastermind, an imaginary council can be a powerful way to communicate with those you idolize, are inspired by or look up to in business and in life. This council can consist of people living or dead. Imaginary council members don’t have to be living to still have a major impact on you.


Who to bring to your counsel. Napoleon Hills council consisted of Abraham Lincoln, John Adams, and a bevy of other successful American businessman. He went to his counsel to hash out details of specific things, and although these were imaginary conversations they shaped his decisions in every aspect of his life.

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It may sound crazy, but I myself have used the aid of imagination when deliberating about a specific issue and took this issue to my counsel.


How to talk with your council. Have you tried creating your own counsel? Do you know what this looks like? It goes a little something like this. Say you had an important business decision that you wanted to make but could gain perspective of others you trusted. However, you do not want to go to your friends and family members for a decision like this. Perhaps they are not as unbiased as you need them to be in this particular situation. Before you go to bed, discuss with your imaginary Council of however many people, what your future plans are for your business, your life, and overall success. But more importantly, listen to what they have to say. Imagine how those you look up to would react. How would they react to the trivial matters that are clouding your judgement? You would be amazed how allowing your imagination to provide the answers work themselves out when you imagine from these mentors in your mind.


Try this method of deliberating and allow your council to form their own opinions in your mind, and always remembering that you are the chairman to your own cabinet and have the final say on every decision.

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