Top-five ☝ high performers of impact theory. 💃

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Some of us can listen to things once and it will be embedded in our consciousness forever. For everyone else, there is YouTube! Tom Bilyeu of Impact Theory interviews 5 of the high performers of today, as they share their secrets for success in life and business. Here are the top 5 Impact Theory videos to help you increase your success in business and in life.


1) David Goggins - how to make yourself immune to pain: In this video David Goggins (ex Navy seal, world class triathlete and top 5 ultra runner) dives deep into the process of challenging yourself in life and in business. His philosophy is immunity. How much pain can you endure before you quit or get to the next level? How many repetitions will it take before you become immune to situations?  For Goggins, life is always about pushing yourself to the breaking point... and then going an extra 50 miles. This video will teach you how to push yourself and your business farther than you ever thought possible.


2) Shawn Stevenson - why sleep is more important than diet: Shawn Stevenson has a true come back story from  being a cripple to tapping into life changing sleep patterns Shawns advice in this video is unmeasurable. He will take you through his entire journey from his deteriorating spine to elite health and all of the steps in-between. This video will ultimately teach you just how important sleep really is and how it can transform your life and your business.


3) Jim Kwik  - how to unlock Genius and uncover your superpower:  Jim Kwik is internationally recognized as the leader in memory improvement. His traumatic brain injury when he was five left him with learning disabilities that he had to overcome. In this video Jim dissects habits, patterns, belief systems and a framework to overcome fear!  Jim Kwik will fill you with confidence and believe so you can produce more sales.


4) Ed Mylett - what everyone struggling needs to know right now: In this inspiring video Ed Mylett (multi millionaire ceo & finance guru) talks about the power of dreams and visualization! He takes you through a step by step process of unattainable to tangible! His hypothesis is this, if you touch your dreams for a day or two you'll eventually live them. For example let’s say you’re a new real estate agent and you’re goal is to make millions of dollars, drive a Ferrari and live in a penthouse suite. In order for you to get there faster and believe that it’s in tangible you first have to touch it, this means renting a Ferrari for a weekend to getting an Airbnb in a penthouse downtown. When you do this and temporarily touch the dream, the dream becomes a reality that much faster!


5) Tai Lopez  - grinding isn't enough: You have seen this guy everywhere hrs all over YouTube invading your privacy with ad after ad talking about his Ferrari's and how he reads a book a day. Tai Lopez has a plethora of knowledge to give to us salesmen and entrepreneurs. But none is better than the advice he gives in this video. He simply says “grinding isn't enough, you have to be hiding in the right direction if you want to be successful.” Tai elaborates much more on this concept in the video. It's a reminder for all of us entrepreneurs, realtors & salesmen to check or compass from time to time to make sure we are headed  in the right direction.

My laws of success will only work if you do.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the same manner as what you learn will from these videos will only work if you apply what you have learned. As any great philosophy teacher will tell you take what you can use and discard the rest.

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