Top 3 POWERFUL Steps to Perfect your 🏠 home Marketing


In order to decrease active time on the market, secure competitive offers  and network on behalf of our seller clients, we’ve curated the three simple steps to perfecting your marketing as a listing agent.


1. Take professional pictures - now I know this may sound like a big fat duh but you'd be surprised on the amount of realtors that don't use professional photography! All you have to do is look at the MLS or Zillow. It's shocking!! Now I'm not talking about Realtors that know photography and take the pictures themselves. I'm especially talking about Realtors that have no business even taking a selfie!! So do whatever you have to do in order to get professional pictures done. Whether or not that's getting the equipment yourself, hiring out, or splitting your commission with another agent so they can get it done. Do whatever it takes but get it done.


2. Market across all platforms - So in 2003 when the internet was just getting started minimal online marketing was necessary! Fast forward 15 years and not only is it necessary it is a must! To separate yourself from other listing agents of this current era you must dominate across all platforms and promote your property everywhere you can. This includes Zillow, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram stories, live videos platforms, YouTube, your listings branded websites and of course the MLS. A simple rule of thumb is this *he/she who gets the most exposure is he/she who sells the home quickest.


3. Know your market - if you take the first two principles take professional pictures, and market across all platforms, you will most likely get the home sold. However there is something to be said to the agent who knows the market they are in. The more you know your market the better you can market the home. I can give you countless examples of deals that have fallen through the cracks because that person didn’t know their market. They either priced too high, priced it too low or didn’t negotiate properly for the areas they were in. It pays unlimited dividends to know your market. You will be able to get your home sold that much quicker and that much more efficiently. When you know the market like you know the back of your hand good things happen.


Would you like to learn more digital marketing,listing marketing for real estate, and how to attract buyers and sellers for your specific niche?  

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