Show Me Your Friends & I'll Show You Your Results!

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If I said: “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your results”? What immediately comes to mind for you?

This is another way of saying you are who you associate yourself with. Your money, your attitude, your goals your success all comes back around to who choose to be around.  Let's think about this in a practical sense. Let's assume that the following statement is true. To learn anything new you must first be exposed to it. This could be bad habits, good habits , algebra, or French. So if you are exposing yourself to highly successful people, you are simply learning the habits, actions and their way of thinking. If you are exposing yourself to negative people you become that. You pick up on their bad habits and the losing ways. Your success is directly correlated on who you choose to be around.

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Let's elaborate. Let's say you are a struggling sales agent and you are having problems with closing deals. You have buyers that seem to run your around in circles. One of them refuses to get a pre approval, but wanted you to show him ten houses this week. The other buyer has backed out of the last three contacts changing his mind after the offer has already been accepted. You don't have any leads coming in and no one that you know is selling their home. This may seem like bad luck, but let's peel the onion a few layers back.

Leads not converting. If your prospects aren’t converting but you refuse to invest capital in lead generation, chances are you’ve listened to other people that tell you Zillow is a bad idea. Your association with these people has directly caused a negative impact on your success.

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Complicated buyers. Your brokerage told you that you need to chase every single lead that comes your way or someone said to be grateful for every single opportunity that comes your way. Or it may be a fellow realtor that says “it’s hard to get any leads around here”. So what happens is you successfully let people reprogram your thinking, creating an outcome not based off of your own decisions. When all along you should have fired your complicated buyer for not following proper protocol.

Your listing is not selling. I bet somewhere along the lines someone told you: “all I had do is list on the MLS” or you listen to somebody that says you don’t need a website, social media, and massive amounts of exposure for your listing. All bad advice all pre-recorded data now causing you an outcome you did not want. (WHICH IS NOT SELLING THE HOME)

If we take a deeper look into the problems we can most likely trace it back to your associations. Who are you choosing to be around? Your life, your success, your sales, is all in direct proportion of your association. Who you choose to associate with, who you choose to take influence from will create your future.

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