Episode 16: Are you cut out for real estate?

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People get their real estate license for many different reasons. Some people love real estate and helping others. Other people want either a primary or additional source of income which real estate can most certainly provide you. Some people just want more control of the time they spend at work and with family. 

But before you dive all in and spend countless hours studying to pass the Florida real state exam, have you thought about what it really takes to be a real estate agent in 2017?

Here are 20 questions to ask yourself before choosing where you want to assert yourself in an ever evolving industry. Many of these questions you will find pertains to dealing with the human element. After all, as a real estate professional the majority of what you were doing is communicating with other humans. One of the most underestimated tasks of a new agent is what 


  1. Do you have good habits? You can’t just go through the motions if you really want to produce and bring repeat clients. From your morning ritual to setting standards for how you spend your time, each thought and action you take as a real estate entrepreneur will affect your pipeline and income. 
  2. Are you patient? You’ll find that sometimes your client will want to submit an offer and as you go to write the contract, they’ve changed their mind because they’ve seen a better home just go active on Zillow. Practicing patience is necessary.
  3. Can you be neutral? You were hired to act as a professional, and be the buffer between your clients and the other side. The best thing you can do for your clients is to give the information objectively and clearly. 
  4. Do you handle confrontation well? Confrontations can and will happen in your business as a sales agent. It is necessary to understand when to be patient, but also went to put people right back in their place and understand that you were not a punching bag. 
  5. Are you willing to get attention? Client acquisition should be your number one goal. Get the attention of your peers, audience, and clientele by meeting in the community, ranking your brand name on Google, and engaging in conversation about real estate online and offline.
  6. Are you willing to adapt? We get it, it’s frustrating. But at the end of the day remember that you were there to provide information, facilitate a transaction, negotiate the deal, and get it to the closing table. When dealing with the human element of real estate, Patience is crucial to practice daily.
  7. How committed are you to learning the industry? Your work isn’t over after your pass the Florida real estate exam. Get to know your industry jargon, real estate partners and the market trends of your community and target market.
  8. How willing are you to learn sales? 
  9. Are you OK with having to submit an offer at 11 PM?
  10. Are you OK with not getting paid if the deal falls through? 
  11. Can you budget your money well in big chunks? You’re not getting biweekly salaries, here. Budgeting commission checks takes discipline!
  12. Are you willing to invest in your business? It takes time and money to create a new business, be willing to invest both for maximum output of your pipeline.
  13. Do you need to be told what to do, or just shown how to do it? 
  14. Are you willing to change your habits? Everything is a work in progress. Be willing to change your habits if it makes you more successful.
  15. Does your partner support you in everything you do? Your significant other will be the closest business partner you have, you have to be on the same page to achieve mega success in real estate.
  16. Can you then, rise above the noise? When dealing with the cooperating agent, it’s always important to remember that the request of the other party don’t involve nor does it need an emotional reaction on your end. 
  17. Are you I willing to cut ties with friends or family that hinder your success? This is a major test of if you are cut out for real estate. Embarking on the Realtor life may mean cutting ties with old friends, be willing to if it’s needed.
  18. Are you willing to learn from those who have been where you want to be? We are not talking about those who hall monitor the real estate industry. We’re talking about those who have actually have a success and either your niche or in your area of expertise 
  19. Are you willing to be broke? If you’re going to do it, go all the way.
  20. Are you willing to practice self confidence? Cold calling, rejection, failed deals, 

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