Episode 8: Ten Commandments of a Realtor

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There are many things to remember when you begin a career as a real estate agent. Some are obvious, but you'd be surprised just how many new agents break the unspoken code of conduct and kill their career faster than a cash transaction takes to close. 

Although most people have a small understanding of what REALTORS do for a living, the public facing perception can be vastly different when you get into the business.

In Episode 8 of The Follow Me Show: "Ten Commandments of a Realtor", we lay out the law in 10 hard fast "Do's" and "Don'ts" to carry with you in your REALTOR journey. Here are your Ten Commandments of a REALTOR to save you from the embarrassment of doing or saying something you will later regret!

The 10 Commandments 

1.  Thou shalt get massive amounts of attention. - As the great Grant Cardone explained in the 10x Rule Book, It's all about the attention! You can't sell a great product without any attention. How are they going to buy from you if they don't know you? Being a top Realtor isn't any different. You can't gain traction of any kind if people don't know who you are.

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2.  Thou shalt take massive action. - Whether it's posting on social media, cold    calling, email marketing, door knocking or following up with your clients, massive action must be involved. If you want to be a top Realtor it takes loads and loads of action in the right direction. No action, no clients it's that simple.

3.  Thou shalt invest. - So many times in our society we are programmed to have a shortage mentatlity by default. As a business owner, it is crucial to invest in order to get back. The key word in ROI is investment, a return can only happen if your invest something, whether it be time, energy or money. 

4. Thou shalt know when to refer!  Listen, not all people run in the same circles. There are those who click professionally and personally, and those who don't. Knowing when your clients would pair better with another agent is not a sign of weakness, but rather a strength and a learned skill.  

5. Thou shalt not speak of politics. Unless your particular niche focuses on politics, you should never be focused on politics in public. Self-explanatory.

6. Thou shalt not speak of religion: See number five.

7. Thou shalt not speak of drugs. You would be amazed but this is actually a conversation that needs to be had with people running a business. Unfortunately not everyone has the proper contact necessary by nature to know better than to speak of drugs, including prescription, herbal, narcotics and otherwise. Hold yourself to the highest regard and act as if you are speaking to children when having any public conversations as a realtor.

8. Thou shalt respect thy realtor partners. Real estate is comprised of many moving parts. Sometimes you won’t see eye to eye with your lender, appraiser, or title agent, however everyone wants the same goal: get the house sold. Do what you have to do: turn the other cheek, smile and drink a glass of wine later, but by all means get to the finish line with respect and professionalism.

9. Thou shalt constantly acquire more buyers and sellers. You never know when you were going to have a really good month or a really poor market. That’s why client acquisition is you’re number one job at all times as a real estate professional. You have four closings lined up this month? Great! What about next month? Think about the short term and long term at all times and keep your pipeline full. 

10. Thou shalt do whatever will increase and maintain your sales goals. Are you a yoga buff? Do you like writing down your business plan? Do you need to run to blow off some steam? Whatever the case may be, do what it takes to keep yourself healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically so that way nothing will stand in your way of maintaining your sales goals.

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